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Playmobil aimed at older Dc?

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happymummy2010 Tue 30-Oct-12 07:16:49

I was thinking of getting some of the Playmobil sets aimed at older children - (Top Agents or Future Planets) for my 9yr old DS, to try and encourage him to get off the electronic gadgets !

Has anyone got or intending to get any of these sets ? Are they really suitable for older kids or will he find them too babyish ?

Which sets would you recommend ?

He has loads of Lego sets but doesn't play with them once he has built them - he just leaves them lying around the house - therefore I thought a play set may be better.

Also, if anyone does rate them - has anyone seen any good deals ?


happymummy2010 Tue 30-Oct-12 18:28:33

Anyone ?

Takver Tue 30-Oct-12 18:36:29

Hmm, my dd is 10.5 and still plays loads with playmobil, in fact she would like more for Christmas. She doesn't have particularly 'older' sets, the ones she likes are the wildlife waterhole sets. She also has loads of other animals, at least two tractors & one 'big' set which is the circus - though tbh she tends to play with the circus bits rather than using it as a big set IYKWIM.

Most of her playmobil I've bought 2nd hand from ebay - you can get real bargains if you look reasonably early & its so robust it doesn't suffer at all from being second hand.

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