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Santa- what tales do you tell...

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TheMummyLovesAScareFest Mon 29-Oct-12 00:18:08

...and do they believe you?

Over the years I've spun such a web of lies and ds nearly 8 is beginning to see the holes. What age did yours stop believing and how do you make sure older dcs dont give the game away to younger dcs?

So far, some of my white lies are Santa has a door key. He's had enougj mince pies by the time he reaches ours (I can't stand them). He sends the prezzies for me to wrap (hence the paper is the same), last year he was in a hurry,despite being able to stpp time, which is why it was me pitting the stockings on the bed... The list goes on!

Anyone else a festive serial lier?

PurpleGentian Mon 29-Oct-12 00:25:46

One of my friends tells her DCs that when the light comes on in the burglar alarm sensors (these are the motion activated type that are wall mounted throughout the downstairs of her house), it means that Santa is watching to see whether they're being naughty or nice.

So far they seem to believe her. But the oldest is only 6.

fuzzpig Mon 29-Oct-12 11:35:24

Mine are too young to question anything yet so I'm watching with interest! Last year I was very careless and even used the same paper for Santa and Mummy/Daddy presents - must remember not to this year.

I need to get them to make a key this year as they might wonder how Santa gets into our chimneyless house.

I don't like mince pies either so, since Santa gets lots of them from other children, we make cookies instead (just from a little kit thing).

PurpleGentian Mon 29-Oct-12 19:56:40

fuzzpig - My parents told us that Santa climbed in through one of the windows, when we noticed the lack of chimney on our house.

Alambil Mon 29-Oct-12 20:37:32

I buy and wrap the presents; Santa's elves collect them at some point before Christmas for decoration and then Santa delivers them.

This is very helpful when I was on benefits and couldn't afford much - he was able to understand that and when he found the stash of paper, it explained it!

It also explained it when he found the cupboard of wrapped presents; the elves hadn't been yet, but had visited that night, surprisingly!

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