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mummatotwo Sun 28-Oct-12 07:09:49

My DS only wants lego which is find but would like to buy other things, going for a couple of games and books but really am struggling with what else to buy

jennys79 Sun 28-Oct-12 07:15:28


I have got a nearly 7 year old boy and an 8 year old boy. We have bought lego (thats all they seem to want). But have also bought a razor rip rider from Toysrus. Sorry - don't know how to link.....THey had a little go on one in the shop the other day - and it looked like great fun. Its something a bit different aswell.

Hope this helps

mummatotwo Sun 28-Oct-12 07:26:47

is this it

Wiggy29 Sun 28-Oct-12 07:41:58

New scooter (hopefully)
Diary of a Wimpy Kid books/ DVD
More 'grown up ' smellies e.g. hair wax etc (Zara do lovely aftershave for boys, my DS loves to wear it for bday parties/ meals out etc
Large wooden castle

Still looking for ideas too , has loads of lego/ playmobil but doesn't bother with it.

taurean Sun 28-Oct-12 07:52:09

Lego here too for my 7yo DS, also lots of books and managed to find couple of cheap wii games on Xmas bargain thread. We've extended the Lego theme too with a Lego calendar, Lego annual and Lego keyring!

Gumby Sun 28-Oct-12 07:55:03

Harry potter & hobbit Lego
Beast quest books
Horrible history annual
Match attax cards for stocking
Dr who boxers
Horrid Henry DVD for stocking

mummatotwo Sun 28-Oct-12 07:57:59

Thanks for your seems very popular!

Wiggy - The Book People have a great diary of a Wimpy Kid calendar on offer at the mo

jennys79 Sun 28-Oct-12 08:40:40

Yes mummatotwo - thats the one :-)

Wiggy29 Sun 28-Oct-12 08:52:50

Mummatotwo- Cheers for heads up but I (ironically) got him a lego one from M&S outlet for a couple of quid- thought it was quite funny.

TheDeathAndGories Tue 30-Oct-12 15:35:43

I m having exactly the same dilemma. Have 8th birthday to contend with. I love lego but want something different too.

SilkStalkings Tue 30-Oct-12 15:51:41

Mine wants Hero Factory stuff.

TheDeathAndGories Tue 30-Oct-12 15:52:48

Thanks perfect

MyBestfriendsWedding Tue 30-Oct-12 15:57:15

We have bought for DS1's Xmas and for 7th birthday
Imaginext Gotham jail and figures
PaperJamz guitar and microphone
Magnetic dartboard
Lego DC superhero set
Go Mini
Lego watch
Normal set of Lego building bricks and wheels
Stocking with with joke items and practical things
Various books/dictionary-Lego encyclopedia
Compass /microscope
Walkie talkies

From family- micro chargers, more Lego, board games

It may seem a lot but we don't usually buy big presents during the year and he has grown out of lots of his toys this past year.

5madthings Tue 30-Oct-12 16:14:43

my ds3 is 7 and will be 8 on the 23rd dec! not great timing! so far he wants a specific bumblee bee transformer that is £35 and a lego lighthouse, there is also another lego set he wants, a beach house? and lego hero stuff. he also likes moshi monsters.

we will probalby get an xbox game or two, i happily buy them second hand!

maybe some of the lego games?

not sure what else really, need to have a look around.

its harder for me as he has two older brothers so we have lots of stuff already!

oh he has said he wants a proper pair of roller boots, i am not sure how much he will use them so may buy a cheapish pair or a middle of the range pair and see how he gets on.

MyBestfriendsWedding Tue 30-Oct-12 16:22:23

5mad the Lego board games are really fun. We have Shave a Sheep.

legalalien Tue 30-Oct-12 16:51:54

Weird - my ds is fairly over Lego stuff now and so are most of his friends. I've been a bit disorganised as his birthday is next month, but have tracked down a grow your own carnivorous plants kit on amazon, there will be some sort of cricket- related book and a Wii sports resort game which he has had his eye on since seeing it at his cousins' last Xmas. His grandparents are getting him a sort of chalk attachment thing that fits on the back of your bike and draws lines on the road - think you can get them from happy puzzle company. Anything "deadly 60" related would also go down well...

Myliferocks Tue 30-Oct-12 16:56:00

My DS is just 8 and he's asked for a tablet so we're going to get him a cheap one.
He will only get a couple of other things because of the cost of the tablet. He has asked for some moshi monster toys and my mum will get him moshi membership.

5madthings Tue 30-Oct-12 16:57:20

legalalien my elder two are 10 and 13 and still love lego as do all their friends, funny how they are all different!

thanks mybestfriends shall have a look at that one smile

Oblomov Tue 30-Oct-12 17:12:42

Watching with interest.

wornoutbutstillwonderful Tue 30-Oct-12 21:07:35

My ds is 8 and he hes getting a tablet
globe jigsaw
footy trainers
Johnny English dvd boxset
Scooby doo figures and haunted mansion
4 in one pool/air hockey/table tennis table

Taffraid Wed 31-Oct-12 15:08:13

My DS just turned 9, last Christmas he got a bike.

This year for birthday this week and Christmas he's getting/got:

- an ipod touch with Fifa 13
- hopefully family pres new Wii U
- an insane amount of football annuals and books
- astro turf trainers
- football boots with his name stitched on
- Guinness Book of Records
- Johnny English DVD

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