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is 9/10 too old for a furbie?

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honeytea Thu 25-Oct-12 18:34:22

I'm starting to think of what to get for my little sister, she is 9 (nearly 10) do you think she is too old for a furbie?

Is anyone buying one for their 9/10 year olds?


happymummy2010 Thu 25-Oct-12 21:09:10

My 9 yr old DS has asked for one for Christmas. My MIL is going to try and buy one for him when she goes to New York next month as I think they are cheaper in the US.

I don't think I would pay the £50+ myself, but that's because there are other things I would prefer to get him e.g lego.

honeytea Thu 25-Oct-12 21:20:36

I normally get her a big set of playmobil but she has lost interest a little in that this last year sad

My mum says that if I buy my sister a furbie she will leave it at my house (I live in a different country) I said no problem I will post it back! My mum's ideas are rubish she said my sister would like some new gloves and a camera case.. I don't think that is very exciting for a young girl's christmas pressie!

sandycloud Thu 25-Oct-12 21:25:42

My 10 year old really wants one but I'm not sure she would, especially at that price. She also wants a kindle. She is really into making things so am also looking into cake decorating or sewing kits. Vouchers are good although I know a bit boring but it is a treat for her to have money to spend on herself.

honeytea Thu 25-Oct-12 21:38:29

The making things would be a good idea for my sister, she is into friendship bracelets maybe I could get her something like that. She hates shopping, she will only wear leggings and baggy t-shirts, I'm finding it a really hard age to shop for.

sausagesandwich34 Thu 25-Oct-12 21:45:15

just bought my dd this for her birthday and she loves it

she can make things that are a bit more grown up than the plastic beads and minimal adult involvement required

she spent 2 hours fiddling with it this evening

She wants a furbie but I've veetoed it as I remember them the first time round and they were good for about 20 minutes if you were lucky

I know they have the interactive link now where you can feed them but if she wants a virtual pet then set her up on moshi monsters -it's free!!!

honeytea Thu 25-Oct-12 22:00:06

That looks like a great kit!

I had a furbie the 1st time around too, another reason why my mum doesn't want little sis to have one.

skyebluezombie Thu 25-Oct-12 22:58:04

I was around 28 when I bought my first furbie grin

then around 32 when I bought my second grin

am resisting the urge at 40 to buy the latest one grin

rhondajean Thu 25-Oct-12 23:29:04

There's a nice Jacqueline Wilson friendship bracelet kit on the marks and Spencer's website for about £10 which would be ideal for this age, Claire's vouchers would go down a treat to.

twolittledarlings Thu 25-Oct-12 23:55:49

My 2 girls will be 9 and 11 at Xmas. I too am thinking of getting a furby for them to share. Not sure how much time they will spend on it as we are struggling to find time as it is. Have got them a camera each, will be getting them each a mini iPad type tablet/kindle Fire, and a clock/alarm iPod station.

As they are both into crafts, just bought them the Fashion Angels portfolio booklets, 3 lots each i.e. the fashion one, the interior design one and the hair and makeup book.

Can get on Amazon but got directly from Bumped up to £30 for free delivery. also will be getting them each 2 boxes of sequin arts again from Amazon. getting them also 2 boxes each of this woodcraft kit but in different styles.

Got them the Mystyle deluxe charm set as mentioned above last year with about 3 different sets of the friendship bracelet kits. Were nice but they are quite hard to make and time consuming. In the end, I had to finish it for them,only managed to make 2 for them. Still a couple of unopened boxes.

Still need to think of a few more smaller stuff including 3 annuals each, nail stuff, moshlings/puffles, CDs, stationery.

You could get them a nice jigsaw puzzle and a portable puzzle storage. My friends 12 yr old like puzzles but have trouble keeping the bits safe so I will be getting her that this year and she can just shove it under the sofa when she's had enough but no need to pack the pieces away.

My soon to be 9 yr old wants to learn knitting so I got her a chunky knitting kit from tkmaxx which has a 32 page booklet, chunky thick needles and chunky wool for £5.

whoatethelastbiscuit Fri 26-Oct-12 21:43:39

My youngest DD(9.5) has asked for a Furby and there might be a little black one hiding under the bed smile, I've also got the bracelet set mentioned earlier for her. Our older dd's, now in their twenties, had the original furby's and they talked to each other constantly, I keep consoling myself with the hope that one it's own won't be that annoying... will it?

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