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sharing christmas presents?

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3bunnies Wed 24-Oct-12 18:59:48

There is a lego set which I know ds would love, but dh says it is too much (60 pounds). I was wondering whether he might find it more acceptable if it was shared between the 3 of them. They all enjoy playing with lego, and sooner or later it all ends up in random boxes. The only time they fight over it is whether a certain piece was originally theirs. I could also put a voucher I had for my birthday to bring the cost down further. Have your dc shared presents and how did it work out? (My dc are nearly 8, nearly 6 and 3(ds))

Convert Wed 24-Oct-12 19:01:27

We have got presents between them but think it's just been things like a swing and slide and trampoline but I don't see why they would have a problem with it.

3bunnies Wed 24-Oct-12 19:09:47

I should say that they will get some other presents too but this would be one of their 'big' 3 (or 4 if bargain thread keeps tempting me) presents.

ChippyMinton Wed 24-Oct-12 19:16:48

Why not drop the other presents and give your DS a single large one?

imperialstateknickers Wed 24-Oct-12 19:21:07

We do shared presents if it's a shareable present, eg games, lego, the seesaw - in fact think about it, what's the point of giving a seesaw to a single child? But each dd also gets at least one thing that's her own too.

I'd definitely go for the huge box of lego, esp as this way you may avoid the 'it came from my set I want it back NOW!!!' problem.

DorisIsWaiting Wed 24-Oct-12 19:24:19

We've done shared presents every year (3 dd's) it's a tradition now. last year they (or we as a family grin) had a wii. Before it waqs a dolls house this year it is likely to be a SF house.

They don't have any problems sharing it as most toys live in the playroom anyway.

PhyllisDoris Wed 24-Oct-12 19:26:59

Our DDs have always had some shared presents. They are teenagers now and still do. Things like the Wii, car DVD, DVDs, games, etc etc.

yellowsubmarine53 Wed 24-Oct-12 19:28:08

Oh, yes, definitely sharing big presents. I'm a twin and that's all I knew!

I was just thinking that now my youngest is 3, they can have shared presents, which just didn't seem realistic before.

noisytoys Wed 24-Oct-12 19:31:14

Shared presents are a great idea. Especially if they share a bedroom

3bunnies Wed 24-Oct-12 19:37:34

I don't think at 3 ds would understand if he just got one present and the dd both got 3 or 4. The girls share a bedroom, ds is on his own, but there are still lots of toys downstairs and the lego (which is the main thing they play with) always migrates down. Will broach the idea with dh. I have already got 2 sets for them and was looking for a 3rd cheapish set (!!!!), but the other two sets can be hidden from dh and reallocated to birthdays for the girls.

PhyllisDoris Fri 26-Oct-12 13:19:45

I don't think DS would care even at 3 if he gets less than DDs. I doubt he'll be counting. Size is what counts at that age, not quantity.

3bunnies Fri 26-Oct-12 17:56:47

Ds is a bit obsessed with counting at the moment so I think he would notice. Haven't broached topic with dh again, need to go through what I already have for him and work out what's left in the pot.

WaitingForMe Fri 26-Oct-12 20:18:43

Shared Lego would lead to bloodshed in this house!

Inneedofbrandy Fri 26-Oct-12 20:26:26

I'm a fan of shared presents, my 2 have 17months between them so they get loads of stuff I couldn't afford seperately. They had a wii last year and I was thinking about a big lego pile this year. Haven't brought lego into the house yet so am slightly unsure if it will be a waste of money and end up everywhere!

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