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What to put in a hamper?

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Campari Wed 24-Oct-12 15:00:20

I need inspiration!!!

This year, instead of spending hours in shops fretting over what gifts to buy my parents, sister and her fiance, I've decided to get them several little gifts and put them in a hamper each.

So heres some ideas for the hampers, each person will get a few things from it, any other suggestions? So far I have thought...

A tin of homemade truffles
Bottle of wine or port
Wasabi peas
Thick furry socks
3/4 booze miniatures
Miniature cheeses

BlueSkySoftSand Wed 24-Oct-12 15:07:49

I love Christmas hampers, in one of my old companies they used to give out hampers as prizes for their Christmas incentives/competitions (sales company) and they were delicious!

We would get food things like you have mentioned plus chutneys, sauces (from yummy deli shops), chocolates, fruit cakes, cured meats and lots of wine.

Have fun!

Campari Wed 24-Oct-12 15:26:03

The cured meats and chutney are really good ideas...I'm going to try and make some chutney this year, but if it doesnt turn out well I can always go to one of the posh deli shops.

AlohaMama Wed 24-Oct-12 16:55:27

I think it's nice to have a few things you can eat together. So if you're including cheese, then maybe some nice cheese crackers. Agree with bluesky cured meats, smoked salmon, pates etc are always nice, plus most of those can be frozen if they don't want to eat them at christmas. Nice addition is jar of fancy caramel sauce /dulce leche type of thing, that you can have with icecream or just eat straight out of the jar.

Leeds2 Wed 24-Oct-12 17:29:22

Christmas tea. Shortbread, or other biscuits. Mince pies. A Christmas cake. Bar of Hotel Chocolat (?) chocolate. Bendicks after dinner mints.

Have a look on the Fortnum & Mason website. I think they list the contents of each of their hampers individually, so you could copy!

Campari Thu 25-Oct-12 01:39:09

Ooh some lovely ideas here, thankyou.

Does anyone know the best place to buy small canisters to put homemade chocs in? All I can find are massive ones to keep cakes & biscuits in. Im thinking more the size of a half-pint glass?

AlohaMama Thu 25-Oct-12 16:33:20

Strange, I replied to this but it disappeared confused

I was just suggesting you could use jars for the chocs. You can get lots of different types from Lakeland, sold for jam making etc, but I think they'd work for chocs. You could always put a cover over the lid to prettify it. Or what about a small size kilner jars. I think those look nice as they are.

BiddyPop Thu 25-Oct-12 17:19:44

Christmas beers - there are loads of different Christmas and winter beers and ales available (I got DH 30 different ones last year, he's still afraid to drink the "Wicked Elf" as it's so strong but the rest are long gone with pleasure).

headfairy Thu 25-Oct-12 17:24:30

When my mum worked we used to get a hamper like this every year from one of her clients shock, we used to love unpacking them on Christmas eve.

I made some homemade handcream for hampers last year.

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