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Boxing day help

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Inneedofbrandy Mon 22-Oct-12 18:43:39

Spending Christmas afternoon at my mums and sleeping over that night to. Then boxing day my dm, df, dsis, dbro, dsis boyfriend, and my nan ( who has also invited auntie uncle and cousin over) will be coming to me.

I don't really know what to do with them! I don't know what to feed them ( am thinking a ham cheeses pickles nice bread dips ect ) or how to entertain them all. I don't want all of them here all day either, would like some time just me and dc and their prezzies.

Ideas please lovely MNers!

rhondajean Mon 22-Oct-12 19:38:37

Think the ham and cold buffet idea is brilliant, it sounds perfect.

How about some board games to play in teams?

And arrange to go to see a friend say at 5pm or whenever you want people to leave - preferably someone you can go a nice walk to and head back home after half an hour!

Inneedofbrandy Mon 22-Oct-12 19:49:52

The board game idea sounds good also the seeing a friend! Could get my mum to bring the cribb board over to...

thewhistler Mon 22-Oct-12 22:19:55

There is a brilliant book called, I think, modern parlour games. I swear by it. It has things for all ages. The best one is possibly the potato game, which has people in fits of laughter whether watching it or playing. How old are the dcs?

Inneedofbrandy Mon 22-Oct-12 23:05:25

Oh I will amazon that thankyou! They are 5 and 7.

curiousgeorgie Tue 23-Oct-12 11:33:31

Boxing Day is brilliant in our house.

Everyone comes over and we 'bet' on all the Boxing Day horse racing.. Even the kids, not for money, but as a game with a winner and the winners get sweets / stocking type toys etc.

Lots of food and alcohol, buffet style and help yourself. An afternoon movie while the kids are sleeping (grandparents often sleep through this too ;)) then wake up and play board games with Christmas music and more alcohol.

(Last year I bet on all my horses for real on the side and won £800 ;) best Christmas ever! grin)

lilolilmanchester Tue 23-Oct-12 13:52:53

Ham, cheeses, pickles etc sounds perfect. Alternatively, hot roast pork sandwiches.

A film or family game would be good - although with two young children, maybe they'd be happy just playing with whatever the children got for Christmas? Or you could play party games dressed up for Christmas (stick the nose on Santa; a pass the parcel with forfeits; the Mars Bar game).

Inneedofbrandy Tue 23-Oct-12 14:57:56

Oh I really like the idea of having a bet! I don't know the first thing but hey we could pick a race pick a horse put a pound in the pot and whoevers comes in first gets it.

I was going to do that pulled pork in the slow cooker with coke everyone raves about on here. (that is basically ham right) I'm not really one for party games as such, board games, card games and jenga suit me. I could bring the wii in living room and get the party pack, or tell everyone to bring ipods and ipads and we can play that pictionary game app on there.

I was thinking I could save dc a few presents that they'll really want to play with but won't have time on xmas day... maybe.

I just don't want it to be awkward or people wishing they were home.

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