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Where are you going to see Santa this year?

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Vagaceratops Mon 22-Oct-12 09:26:54

We are off to see him on the Nene Valley Railway.

How about you??

shutitweirdo Mon 22-Oct-12 09:28:30

Poole Park railway. 1st time we've been. DS is 4 and DD is 18months.

reastie Mon 22-Oct-12 18:24:49

Ruxley Garden Centre in Kent - very excited as is DDs first time seeing FC. Apparently the whole process takes an hour hmm and we've had to pre book a time slot - something about including feeding reindeer, seeing the elves at work in the toy factory and making a glittery christmas card hmm . They also have an ice rink there but sadly DD is too little maybe I can go though

sunnyday123 Mon 22-Oct-12 18:41:40

Lapland! 16th December think I'm more excited than the kids!

ProPerformer Mon 22-Oct-12 18:45:51

No idea, but can reccommend Thursford in Norfolk..... It's a really lovely walk through land with loads of models and you see Santa at the end. We went a couple of years ago as my Nanna's birthday present to DS (his birthday is 13th dec) and the whole family loved it!!

You have to book in advance and is quite pricey but IMHO very much worth it. Think it's about £10 for Adults and £15 for children but kids get a gift to the value of their entrance price - DS got a lovely big case of Mega Blocks!

glenthebattleostrich Mon 22-Oct-12 18:46:56

Kirklees Light Railway in West Yorkshire, it is brilliant. We went last year and I can't wait. Dragging DH along this year too, he is less than amused smile

Spirael Tue 23-Oct-12 16:28:47

National Railway Museum in York. Can't wait! grin We're going to make a whole day of festivities.

I'm sensing a bit of a railways theme with a lot of these. wink Although I'm very envy of sunnyday123's Lapland trip!

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