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I want to buy a really attractive and sturdy nativity set. Recommendations please.

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bran Sat 20-Oct-12 15:23:03

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

CMOTDibbler Sat 20-Oct-12 15:25:40

I have a lovely olive wood one from Lakeland - pricey, but very well made

ApplePippa Sat 20-Oct-12 15:28:49

I have the Lakeland olive wood one too. DS (3yrs) loved playing with it last year!

bran Sat 20-Oct-12 15:29:19

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

bran Sat 20-Oct-12 15:32:28

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ApplePippa Sat 20-Oct-12 15:37:49

Good grief!! I've had mine a few years - I can't remember how much it was, but nothing like £100!

MiL has a home made nativity set made from Playmobile people she's dressed up. Makes me grin every year.

Leeds2 Sat 20-Oct-12 15:41:33

There are a few nice ones in our garden centre, so might be worth having a look in your local one.

bran Sat 20-Oct-12 15:42:36

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

kellestar Sat 20-Oct-12 15:51:05

I had a really nice wooden set from oxfam, I bought it a few years ago.

Pantah630 Sat 20-Oct-12 15:52:51

Osteimer do an heirloom one, much more than £100 though. You can get from myriad

bran Sat 20-Oct-12 16:00:26

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

bran Sat 20-Oct-12 16:01:37

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ShhhhhGoBackToSleep Sat 20-Oct-12 16:12:00

We bought this one from John Lewis, only £25 and very nice for the money I think.

bran Sat 20-Oct-12 16:22:28

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

kiwigirl42 Sun 21-Oct-12 14:03:39

I love the JL one too. But I've just bought this one from Amazon as it has its own box and I like the pale colours. thanks for pushing me to get a set - I keep meaning to every year and never get round to it.

DoubleMum Sun 21-Oct-12 14:06:49

I've got the other east of india one kiwigirl and it's lovely too.

howiwonder Sun 21-Oct-12 15:07:36

i dont know if either of these are your thing but IMO they are so quirky and cute, not wooden though so dont know how durable - not too pricey either this and this

kiwigirl42 Sun 21-Oct-12 17:23:01

Yours is lovely too doublemum

howiwonder I like the folded paper one a lot

bran Sun 21-Oct-12 17:27:40

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ThursdayNextIsMyHero Sun 21-Oct-12 17:41:38

We got one last year the great little trading company with rounded wooden figures. Ds1 (4 last year) loved it and I think (fingers crossed) it should be strong enough to withstand ds2, who is currently on a pre-walking rampage.

Babyrabbits Sun 21-Oct-12 18:41:15

I have a hand knitted one...children love it. See them on ebay sometimes.

howiwonder Sun 21-Oct-12 19:45:14

ooh the gltc one is very sweet too - this thread has sent me off on a christmassy browsing rampage now....

HanSolo Sun 21-Oct-12 20:01:48

The best one I've found is the Haba set (sorry, onn phone, but easy to google).
The pieces are v sturdy, as we bought when DC1 was 20mo so it neede to be, and withstands toddler playing no problem.
It's very cute too, and looks lovely.
The children beg for it not to go away each year, youngest was asking for it in June!

Was around £70 I think, but I had a 10% off offer.

LoopingLizards Sun 21-Oct-12 20:01:57

Look at Gisela Graham nativity set on ebay. Very cute I think...

LoopingLizards Sun 21-Oct-12 20:02:46

Ooh love the Haba one too but my bank account doesn't sad

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