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SunshadesOfGrey Sat 20-Oct-12 11:54:05

This year I'm thinking of getting magazine subscriptions for all the kids in the family. Can anyone recommend a magazine I could buy for a 6 yo girl? She's not really a girly girl though so no Disney princess type twee ones!

accessorizequeen Sat 20-Oct-12 12:38:17

National geographic kids is very good

flyoverthegoldenhill Sat 20-Oct-12 12:48:49

Thats a lovely idea - I'm going to steal it !

JustGettingByMum Sat 20-Oct-12 15:59:12

If you have tesco club card points, they do a whole range of magazine subscriptions on their club card deals, so you might be able to get yourself a bargain

SunshadesOfGrey Sat 20-Oct-12 20:40:20

Accessorise Is National Geo kids good for such a young age?
fly happy to be of service smile
JustGetting what a brilliant idea - I have loads of points to use, thanks!

iheartdusty Sat 20-Oct-12 21:25:12

there are loads of independent magazines around as well as the commercial 'big names';

here's a really good article introducing some of them..

my favourite is

and a 6yo girl would probably love story box

And there's always puffin post still very good, although not so independent, and Red House in previous years has had a special offer on subs;

SunshadesOfGrey Sat 20-Oct-12 21:47:10

Ooh thanks dusty I've not heard of those before, they look great! Story Box looks right up yer street. I know it sounds fickle but do any of them have plastic crap freebies with them? I was going to get dnephew National Geo Kids which comes with freebies and I don't want dneice to feel left out.

SunshadesOfGrey Sat 20-Oct-12 21:47:46

*her, not yer. Oops!

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