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Tree lights.

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gregssausageroll Mon 15-Oct-12 18:49:07

Do you know where I can get lights that you just switch on and they stay on so no blinking, flashing etc. just a steady light?

Itsjustafleshwound Mon 15-Oct-12 18:50:39

IIRC I think there is a setting to put them on (ours has a selection of 8 ...)

girlywhirly Tue 16-Oct-12 15:53:02

I think some of the old fashioned type lights are non function, Argos used to stock them. The led type are harder to find, but I am annoyed that you have to pay twice as much and not use all the functions except on or off, especially as I can't stand flashing flickering lights. B&Q usually have a huge range of lights to choose from, I am hoping they might have some static soft white led lights.

LilQueenie Tue 16-Oct-12 15:54:30

I thought they were standard tbh. Of course I dont have a say now having been handing some the other day...thomas the tank ones for DD!

gregssausageroll Tue 16-Oct-12 18:31:34

I hate when you turn them on you need to flick a bloody button 20 times to get the right setting. I just want on and off. Will try b&q

NoHaudinMaWheest Tue 16-Oct-12 18:35:51

I got some in Wilkinson last year. There wasn't much choice though most were the flashing type. I hate them too.

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