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tell me what to get and I will get it!

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fosterdream Sat 13-Oct-12 17:05:49

I hate buying Christmas presents last minute. I have a few people left to get that I have no idea what to get them.

1, Brother in law. builder by tread and they are doing their house up in France so no gift vouchers! His in his late 20's and is family man.

2, Brother in law. 30. I may be mean but we have our reasons. Something great that will break after a week or two or a gift voucher for somewhere shit. No DW, GF or DC. I must stress must be very bad but appear good

3, My brother who has helped us out so much over the past few years and have never asked for anything in return. My DH would like to get him something very special as a thank you. So I don't know if you know of something that your DH may have got that they adore. He likes rugby, football and all things manly wink was thinking a season rugby pass and something that would last.

4, My DH. late 20's. A very good husband and father something to reflect how good he is would be great. into photography and outdoor sports I gave away my ideas to our DD's and family! Can't get anything for his cameras as I will only go wrong.

I'm really bad at idea's for grown men and reading this makes me feel really bad because I know them so well and haven't got a clue! thanks

Fosterangel Sat 13-Oct-12 18:27:14

1. My husband has a retractable tape measure that goes in and out sort of electronically at the press of a button and causes much giggling as it looks rude! It is quite chunky and it did not come from B&Q so you may need to look in a good builder's merchants. He has had it quite a few years and it is indestructible. It was expensive but a good choice by my dad for my husband.
2. An apron with a rude message/picture on it and a Jamie Oliver cook book. He will probably never wear the apron so it will hang up on the back door forever to remind him of you! He will always be reminded of the man he could have been (lovely Jamie Oliver!) had he been half as nice as Jamie. Only you will appreciate the joke.
3. Your idea was lovely.
4. Husbands!! Ahhh! They are always a problem. I would book a lovely dinner at a really nice restaurant and arrange for a professional photographer (probably a wedding photographer would do this) to come take your pics at the table by candlelight and then a lovely photo frame to put it in. Special memories.... priceless!

Thanks for the fun I had doing this. Hope it all comes together for you!

fosterdream Fri 26-Oct-12 21:41:06

Sorry about the long reply I've had the flu for what seems like forever shock I've broken a rip and still suffering from the headaches!

Love all your ideas and will be using most of them.

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