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Present ideas for nature lover & Garden enthusiast

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Afrodizzywonders Sat 13-Oct-12 15:40:20

Its for my DH and I am at a loss.

We moved to the country last year, got a little bit of land and he's constantly out and about doing jobs on it which he loves. I'm pregnant and due to pop early December, got DSs' presents done and wrapped (plus the rest of the family) now its for DH who is notorious for wanting to return unwanted gifts and exchange for what he wants (fair enough but pressure). I just want to get him something nice as he works so hard and am just drawing a blank.

He want's a surprise....he has bird feeders galore owl nesting box too (I thought of that as a gift and realised there's one in the barn)....he mentioned a soil testing kit??? I'm out of my depth here. Last year I got him a nice wheel barrow and it floated his boat, so I guess its practical things....practical eco nature things he can enjoy. Any ideas?

I was thinking of courses as well, he got ultra excited 3 years ago when he did a composting loo course confused this is not stuff I'd think of in a million years so please if you have any neat ideas please share before my brain implodes.

ArthurShappey Sat 13-Oct-12 17:00:43

The RHS have a shop on their website, and at most of their venues. They always have lovely things for gardeners. Other website shops... National trust, rspb?

straighttohellymelly Sat 13-Oct-12 17:08:46

Really lovely tools? Baileys have vintage garden tools. Crocus have a wishlist option, he could make one for himself and you could choose plants from it, they have some beautiful and unusual things.

UserNameNotAvailable Sat 13-Oct-12 17:14:11

gloves, shears, pruners, lawn mower, rotivator, kneeler, seeds, pots, green house, bird bath, wellies, wellie socks, waterproof coat, spade, books, plants, apple tree, rose bush.

BardOfBarking Sat 13-Oct-12 17:15:35

Another mum today was telling me that her best present for her DH ever was a special mushroom foraging knife from Carluccios
takes all sorts

VikingVagineGhoulnamStyle Sat 13-Oct-12 20:09:49

A really good pair of secataires.

You can get special gardening aprons with big pockets, which are very useful.

A nice book on organic gardening, with loads of tips on using nature to deal with pests.

TheAngelshavetheOod Sat 13-Oct-12 20:11:39

Wormery? Compost turner ?

fanjodisfunction Sat 13-Oct-12 20:28:47

I would love a bit of land to garden, heres some of the things I would love might help you out.

seed bombs

bumblebee nest

hedgehog house

mushroom log

lots of growing plants ideas

soil testing kit

push lawn mowers

Afrodizzywonders Sun 14-Oct-12 09:15:10

Thank you all so much!!!

Fanjofantastic, going to get the hedgehog house for sure, seed bombs and soil testing kit. He has lots of solitary bee nests, in a few years we were thinking of our own honey bees but we need some more free time first.

He's made a massive compost area. He's got most other things from years and years of planning and we have a wrecked poly tunnel which I bought a new cover for his birthday lol.

Thank you all so much x

MackerelOfFact Sun 21-Oct-12 07:53:16

A weather station? Bat box? Loads of great ideas here, might use some myself!

queenrollo Mon 22-Oct-12 10:46:35

DH bought me a very expensive but well made pruning knife. His passion for gardening then overtook mine and he has taken possession of this knife. he loves it.
If you are passionate about gardening then good quality tools are coveted.

I'm not sure where you are geographically but how about a membership to Ryton Gardens
I volunteer for the Garden Organic charity which they are connected with. They run courses all through the year at levels from basic to experienced on all sorts of wonderful organic gardening methods.

ethelb Mon 22-Oct-12 12:57:10

well.... and I hope this isn't breaking mumsnet rules but you could get him a seed subscription from my fantastic new business. You can get a herb seed subscription or a vegetable seed subscription for as long as you want.

Mazzledazzle Mon 22-Oct-12 19:14:52

A butterfly kit ! They send live caterpillars and everything you need to hatch them.

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