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Making Xmas treats- what can I make now and will keep/freeze?

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SomebodySaveMe Wed 10-Oct-12 12:11:28

For grandparents I was going to get the DCs to make truffles, fudge etc and put them in nice boxes/bags. We don't break up from work and nursery until the Friday before Xmas so ideally I need to find some things that will keep well or can be frozen!

Does anyone have any ideas please?

rockinhippy Wed 10-Oct-12 12:28:08

Biscuits/cookies - part bake & then stack & freeze in freezer box or old ice cream tub - you can refresh bake them nearer the time & wrap up in nice little cellophane parcels, finished off with wrapping ribbon curls & the DCs home made labels

my own DD will be doing this again this year - you can even let them have a hand in the recipes - Mines now 10 & we use a basic recipe & DD choses her flavourings - last year was white chocolate & cranberry, year before ginger & orange peel, this year she's got a fancy for something with macadamia nuts, but she's not sure what yet smile


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