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Ideas for Christmas gifts to sell at charity fair

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goingundertheradar Wed 10-Oct-12 10:26:28

Dear all,
I run a little fair at my children's school where we gather/buy/make little gifts that the children come and buy for family members.
All the profit goes to charity but prices have to be kept down to under £3.
This is the 4th year we've done it and ideas are running low - can any mumsnetters out there provide some fresh thinking?
Thank you in advance.

oreocrumbs Wed 10-Oct-12 19:59:21

Small bags of fudge, biscuits etc.

Could you make small craft kits, e.g some cut out pieces of felt/material, wool and a darning needle - maybe a plastic one and some pot pouri or something like that to stuff them with.

Can you sew? You could run up some childrens aprons, bunting, dolls clothes.

Baking kits. A childs baking set from the £1 shop and a bag of the dry ingredients (flour and sugar etc). With the instructions to add the wet ingredients, so it becomes like one of those cake kit boxes you get in the supermarket - but more individual.

Make some pommanders/lavender bags.

Sell decorated candles. Buy some plain church or dinner candles and a bag of jewels/sequins and stick them on. Or dry some fruit out and stick those on for a natural look.

Dacorate a frame kit. A cheap plain unpainted photo frame and some stickers/glue/glitter for the children to decorate it with.

Or buy them and decorate them yourselves. Cover them with ripped up newspaper/magazines and apply with pva glue. Or paint with one colour, rub edges with a candle then paint with another colour, lighlty rub over the wax with sandpaper/wire wool so the base colour shows through for a shabby chic look.

lilolilmanchester Wed 10-Oct-12 20:07:02

would you be able to ask for donations? We used to do that then make up sets by wrapping in cellophane and putting a ribbon on. e.g. candles and serviettes; various toiletries - or often people gave unwanted gifts to resell.

(you have to be prepare to have to get rid of some "tat", although it's amazing what sells)!

pantaloons Wed 10-Oct-12 20:10:05

We always have an unwanted gift week in the lead up to Christmas. if the children bring something in they get a small bag of sweets as a reward. As lilo says, you do get some real junk, but also some nice stuff for very little outlay.

5ThingsUnderTheBed Wed 10-Oct-12 20:12:32

Biscuit ingredients in a jar? Layer the raw ingredients like flour sugar spices choc chips in a jar, tie with ribbon and cloth and make the directions either on a label or tag.

goingundertheradar Wed 10-Oct-12 20:18:12

Thank your for the ideas - I like the ingredients in a jar one especially - off to idea I guess!

We do ask the classes to provide something but us organisers top up the gifts-

I'll attach the ideas to my latest begging email!

Thanks and keep the ideas coming smile

goingundertheradar Wed 10-Oct-12 20:18:45

Ikea even!

5ThingsUnderTheBed Wed 10-Oct-12 20:24:01

You could always ask people to donate glass jars, as you'll be covering the lids so won't matter what was in them beforehand.

ShabbyChit Wed 10-Oct-12 22:14:52

Will add some ideas tomorrow as I have been helping a friend with a similar thing, loads of ideas for you!

VoldemortsNipple Wed 10-Oct-12 23:16:17

I did snowman soup for the chocolate store at my Christmas fair last year. It was such a hit that I had people asking me to make and sell them. I drafted in DD to help make them offering her 50p for each one we sold. We made about 200 pounds of which DD received about 70 smile

milk Thu 11-Oct-12 09:49:21

Edible Christmas tree decorations smile

ShabbyChit Thu 11-Oct-12 09:49:37

I am making all of the below for christmas presents anyway so my friend drafted me in to help as she is rubbish at baking and crafty things!
I just made one or 2 extras for the DC's fair.

(all v easy and pretty cheap to make)

All of these ideas have come from MN or Pinterest (my new fave thing!)

felt decorations very similar to these ones from John Lewis!
candy cane playdough
santa mint hot chocolate
reindeer fudge
snowman marshmallow lollies
candy cane chocolate sleighs
layered muffin mix in a jar
christmas biscotti
microwaveable hand warmers
oven mitts similar to this
apron based on this pattern

Waitingforastartofall Thu 11-Oct-12 10:06:08

I am in the process of making stockings for the children, any fabric from old clothes,sheets ect and then blanket stitching the outside with a darning needle and soft white wool. looks very christmasy and can add snowmen, ect onto them. cheap to make and could sell for under the £3 pricetag.

CelticPromise Thu 11-Oct-12 10:14:09

Cloth bags are easy to sew?

CelticPromise Thu 11-Oct-12 10:14:49

Or you can buy a job lot cheaply and get them printed or get DC to screen print.

flubba Thu 11-Oct-12 10:23:43

Some great ideas above, a couple more of easy sewable ones are;

Felt Christmas decorations (hearts, stockings etc) for the tree
Lavender hearts
Donated old toys for younger siblings - went down very well

Last year our school also did a set of golf balls and tees for dads, and a set of cinnamon sticks with a cheapo mug.

goingundertheradar Thu 11-Oct-12 10:28:08

Thank you all - I am rubbish at sewing but may be able to draft some mums in - I will copy and paste bits from here.
VoldemortsNipple - whats snowman soup? almost afraid to google grin

FireOverBabylon Thu 11-Oct-12 10:36:36

These are in the make your own Christmas thread and should be cheap to make in quantity. You can get kits of celophane and sticks together on eBay for about £4 for 50.

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