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Thinking of taking dc to Alton Towers Hotel between Christmas and New Year (also posted in chat)

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2anddone Mon 08-Oct-12 21:07:36

Hi, for the last coupe of years we have taken dc to Butlins from 27th December until 2nd Jan (mainly because they love it, mainly to hide from the mil) This year funds wont stretch that far as we moved house this year and I have changed jobs. We are thinking of a night in one of the Alton Towers hotels between Christmas and New Year as have found out its open! Have any of you been? If so whats it like? Also it says on their website that some rides are open that week and the waterpark my dc are 7 and 4 does anyone know what rides are open, am guessing none of the good ones that they would be too small for anyway but what children rides? Sorry for all the questions but dont want to book it if its going to be a waste of money.

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