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I am not sending Christmas cards for the first time this year

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Sparklingbrook Sun 07-Oct-12 22:35:34

How do you tell people that you aren't when you don't see them? I have email addresses for some but not all.

Lorefolk Wed 10-Oct-12 11:38:16

Totally agree that sending cards to people you see all the time, eg work colleagues is bonkers. We only send cards that go in the post box. I would, however, find it hard to stop doing this as 80% are to relatives/friends, all older than us, who do not live nearby and do not see our (young) DC and we do send them a picture with the card. I do this because I think an older/elderly person quite likes this and it's not too much effort on my part. Am I wrong? (We could stop the 20% though).

salthepal Fri 11-Dec-15 15:06:15

I find it fascinating that many folk who make a point of not sending Christmas cards like to say that they give money to charity instead.
It seems to me that the two things are not connected. One may send cards and give to charity, do one or the other or do neither.
I once had a friend say please would we not send her a card since she was not sending any to us but would we donate towards a goat for some needy people in Africa. A noble cause no doubt but a bit of a cheek. She didn't say that she was giving a bit of goat either. That rather got my goat.

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