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The what are you giving the teachers thread?

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3duracellbunnies Sun 07-Oct-12 16:31:04

My dc always want to make something for their teachers, so we usually opt out of the collective money in the pot and give them a christmas decoration and some truffles/biscuits. Usually well recieved. Decided would also be nice to give to the volunteers who run rainbows/brownies/playgroup. So have 15 teachers/TAs/preschool workers - about 5 per child, plus about another 10 volunteers.

Decided to make a combination of button snowmen/trees/ father christmases, and felty christmas trees. Can't decide now whether to give random selection across the different places or to e.g. Give button figures to rainbow/brownie/volunteers and felty trees to school etc so I can swop them over next year. Last year we made pipecleaner fairy/angels, but they were a bit fiddly and the dc did get bored. No doubt this year too I will end up finishing some of them off. Am I the only one thinking about it already?

scottishmummy Sun 07-Oct-12 20:00:12

I make tablet
kids make card
it's nice for kids to make something imo it's thoughtful and they love doing so

everydayaschoolday Sun 07-Oct-12 21:35:46

I was thinking of some homemade foodie gifts like shortbread, fudge, spiced biscuits etc. Have some christmas foodbags and some nice saved jars that could be used. Thoughtful (homemade) but non-clutter. Also, I have some felt, ribbon and stuffing so was going to make small christmas tree ornament (stitching year on back?) as well. Would this look mean?

I had thought a mug with chocs in, or a Yankee candle etc but I expect teachers might get a few of those.

Would love teacher's feedback.

HSMM Sun 07-Oct-12 21:44:31

A thank you note from your child saying why the teacher is special? They can show it to the Head Teacher and Ofsted.

scottishmummy Sun 07-Oct-12 21:46:50

really do teachers keep for cpd or inspections?
my kids do wobbly writing handmade cards
yes we are v appreciative of teacher

3duracellbunnies Sun 07-Oct-12 22:00:13

everyday I think that sounds really nice, a decoration, especially if the children 'contribute' can bring happy memories for the teacher, and it doesn't take up much space. I often use old jars, then the teacher can easily recycle them.

Tablet sounds yummy, I got some condensed milk a while ago but haven't got around to making any. Maybe I should do a mixture of choc truffles and tablet.

We usually do thank you note at the end of the year, just a scribbled normal card at Christmas!

scottishmummy Sun 07-Oct-12 22:03:18

your deccies sound smashing,I'm not crafty at all
but I give tablet easy to make, goes down treat
of course imo it's the stuff from kids the wonky biscuits etc that matter

ImaginateMum Sun 07-Oct-12 22:12:14

I always give them books to add to the class bookshelves with a nice note. I try to come up with a title I know well (varied childhood) and they might not, which my kids also know and like. Has always gone down well so far.

loubielou31 Sun 07-Oct-12 22:41:19

I always liked a nice tree decoration, not big and actually nice, (homemade but not too homemade iyswim) but my tree is a lovely mix of nothing that matches, people with more taste than me might not appreciate it but that's their problem

I'm afraid I was always rather wary of homemade food gifts, I've seen what children do with their hands, (including my own.)

If you know they have a particular interest then a book is nice.

I love notebooks and most teachers have a need for them, so you could buy a plain one with nice paper and make a lovely cover for it. Personal and homemade. I would have loved that.

Any help?

deleted203 Sun 07-Oct-12 22:44:30

I need to swap to primary teaching (sob). No one ever gives me anything at all. Seriously, as a teacher, I reckon that anything would be appreciated. It's a nice thought.

3duracellbunnies Sun 07-Oct-12 22:53:37

Our teachers don't seem to worry about the source of the food, or maybe they just trust me!! I tend to get the children more involved in the measuring and mixing than hands on stuff. Both girls have TAs in their class who have very happily munched on them before so I know they will hoover up any left overs!

Was wondering about a box of biscuits for preschool and then just a decoration for ds's keyworker. He's only recently started and still haven't worked out how many are there on his days, is at least 5 but may be 6 or 7. That's quite a few decorations, plus I forgot earlier about all the Godparents, so that adds another 6 to the list!! Nearly 40 or so ornaments might be a tall order depending on how long each button one takes to make.

Dosey Sun 07-Oct-12 22:58:54

What is tablet ?

deleted203 Sun 07-Oct-12 23:02:51

Tablet is Scottish fudge. I would kill for homemade tablet grin

Dosey Sun 07-Oct-12 23:09:01

Thank you I will look that recipe up

3duracellbunnies Sun 07-Oct-12 23:10:00

Though I love tablet and hate fudge, very different texture imho, think on second thoughts tablet might be too good for the teachers, wasted on them wonders if could make tablet without anyone else in family realising, then fast for a week to shift the calories

everydayaschoolday Mon 08-Oct-12 21:21:01

loubielou yes, thank you that was helpful. I take you point about kiddies cooking (a friend at work feels the same). I ordered a couple of nice notebooks today in M&S. thanks.

DoubleMum Mon 08-Oct-12 21:24:34

Nothing - they have just introduced a no present policy. : (

Pourquoimoi Mon 08-Oct-12 21:39:20

sowornout - I had wondered about that as DS has just gone into y7. Is the norm that no presents get given?

planestrainsautomobiles Mon 08-Oct-12 22:27:55

Earlier today, I bought a boden dotty scarf for the teacher & one for the TA.

My son just started reception and they both seem lovely and are slightly older so thought a dotty scarf would go down well.

deleted203 Tue 09-Oct-12 00:34:29

Pourquoimoi It is (sadly) generally the norm. Although, to be fair, I've generally taught in fairly rough, challenging schools in my 20 odd years. Perhaps in lovely schools they give presents to teachers. I used to be a Y7 form tutor for several years in my last school and one year I did have about 4 kids give me a Christmas present - and I was really, really touched. You could ask other mums of Y7 kids, but honestly, I don't think his tutor will expect anything. My DD2 finished her GCSEs last summer and her form clubbed together and bought their form tutor a Kindle when they left!!!! A bloody Kindle. Sigh...I've taught in the wrong schools... (Although her form tutor was a very nice lady and apparently cried when they gave it to her, as she wasn't expecting anything).

insanityscratching Tue 09-Oct-12 06:36:23

Dd will make these and attach them to a Costa giftcard.

3duracellbunnies Tue 09-Oct-12 06:46:49

They look good, but need loads of bells, are they expensive? The buttons have come, but didn't know there could be so many tiny red buttons! Can't use them for santa unless I give him two legs (instead of just one button) but that might be a bit fiddly. Maybe could use some of the little green ones (which can be used for top of trees too) and make red and green wreaths. Any other ideas for decorations with tiny (5mm) red buttons?

pigleychez Tue 09-Oct-12 07:54:54

Last xmas I had 7 nursery staff to buy for.
I made some homemade fudge and sweets which we put in little cellophane bags and each person had a little felt gingerbread man decoration with their initial on it.

They seemed to go down very well. smile pics here

This year I have the Nursery staff plus teacher and 2 TA's! so will be following this thread for ideas!

HSMM Tue 09-Oct-12 08:10:27

DD gave her yr7 teacher a small gift (because she was really fab) and was really chuffed to get a thank you note back.

insanityscratching Tue 09-Oct-12 11:02:49

3duracell I got them here so really cheap delivered free within a fortnight. I think by the time I've costed in the wire and ribbon they will work out at less than £1 each.

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