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Looking for 1 more gift for DS aged 2

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sagelynodding Thu 04-Oct-12 00:26:48

He has his birthday on the 15/12= pop up playtent and tunnel, + a few little things

His main present from us for Christmas will be the Ikea easel
I need one more biggish present (to be from Father Christmas) at around 30£, but less is fine too!

He already has a lot of stuff from his big brother-play kitchen, ride-ons, tricycle...

Can anyone recommend anything?

tutu100 Thu 04-Oct-12 00:32:21

A train set? My kids have loved these, although if he has an older brother you may already have one.

sagelynodding Thu 04-Oct-12 00:56:03

We have a Thomas the Tank one which is meant for 18m olds, both of my DC still love it!

I'm thinking about one of those driving simulator thingies now maybe.

QueenBeebread Thu 04-Oct-12 01:23:07

DS is coming up to 3 and for the past few months has LOVED the ELC happyland rocket. Highly recommended.

howcomes Thu 04-Oct-12 01:51:26

Ds is 2.5 and is getting my first fire station duplo and a farm set, the latter was by Melissa and Doug, for his Xmas. He is obsessed with fire engines, lights, his toy kitchen and doll houses at the moment!

sagelynodding Thu 04-Oct-12 06:46:30

Happyland rocket is a strong candidate right now! Maybe the Peppa pig playhouse, but I'm not convinced by the quality...

Thanks for replying smile

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