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What can I get DH for £10?

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sideburnsalawiggins Mon 01-Oct-12 20:02:20

DH and I have stupidly decided on a £10 spending limit on presents for each other this year.

Money is fairly tight but we also plan to go away for a night in the spring and will count that as a present to each other.

Any ideas?

lljkk Mon 01-Oct-12 20:12:15

Toblerone + nice socks?

ThompsonTwins Mon 01-Oct-12 20:23:14

Try the I Want One of Those website - you can search by price and recipient

AngryFeet Mon 01-Oct-12 20:31:57

Does he have an iphone? Get him some of these. I just got myself some from M&S as it drove me mad last winter having to take my glove off all the time.

sideburnsalawiggins Tue 02-Oct-12 09:35:09

grin @ angryfeet

No, he doesn't have an iphone!

I forgot about iwantoneofthose. I have used them before, thanks.

ethelb Wed 03-Oct-12 11:51:41

Some things I'm making for DP:

pajama bottoms (2m of £5 cotton)
Hot water bottle cover (£2.79 bottle plus left over wool but could use cheepy wool)
Furoshiki (I have the fabric but could use cheapy fabric)
Scarf (left over wool as above)

Some things I may buy:
Second hand book he likes, ie scour for penguin classics of his faves (50p-£4 ish)
Second hand/antique decanter - (about £10)

ethelb Wed 03-Oct-12 15:32:50

oh, have you seen the other thread:

hi88ert Wed 03-Oct-12 17:00:46

we are doing something similar - couple of sites that i've found so far

Waswondering Wed 03-Oct-12 17:08:04

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

MerryCosIWonaGold Wed 03-Oct-12 17:11:26

We have tenner Christmas for everyone. I got a canvas print for 7.99 that was reduced by a lot! Or you can get a calendar of photos on vistaprint for not much.

MerryCosIWonaGold Wed 03-Oct-12 17:25:02

Meant to say I got the canvas print with wowcher. I think they're still available. You can put any pic you want on it.

pigleychez Wed 03-Oct-12 17:32:30 is another good gadgety type website.

sideburnsalawiggins Thu 04-Oct-12 08:26:51

Thanks for the inspiration everyone!

Found these on iwantoneofthose but cheaper on Amazon, so I'll probably get some of those.

Also like the idea of making things. Pickled eggs anyone? yuck

bumponboardagain Thu 04-Oct-12 09:07:17

We do this every year. I always like to give a few presents rather than just 1. I often get a bottle of beer/real ale/ local cider depending on what he likes at the time, some chocolate, pjs etc. It's amazing how far £10 can go. I really like the idea of making some pj trousers, think I will try that! I usually put a scratch card in aswell! smile

bumponboardagain Thu 04-Oct-12 09:10:09

Oh and last year I found a brand new m&s shirt which was gorgeous labels still on for £2.99 in a charity shop! That was the top present that year and he wears it all the time!

Zoomania Thu 04-Oct-12 09:17:45

Join photo box or similar and wait for them to send you email offers. ? Photo diary, mug, calendar, photo book of best memories of last year etc.

RuleBritannia Thu 04-Oct-12 12:31:21

TK MAXX had Calvin Klein men's socks last year for 8.99.

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