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What have you/would be buy for a 2 year old DD?

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dannyboyle Mon 01-Oct-12 12:42:36

DD will be 2 just after christmas so have that and birthday to buy for - and am stuck as to what to get - want to get something that she will use/be beneficial but also something that she will love opening on christmas morning. Recent purchases / donations / gifts have been dolly and pushchair, playdoh, aquadoodle, wheelybug, rocking horse so well aware she isn't short of stuff.

Have already bought in the summer sales a couple of happyland sets and some bath sticky letters. Am planning to get some new books, slippers, new toothbrush.

So for those of you with older daughters - what did you buy that they loved?

Fresh01 Mon 01-Oct-12 13:01:44

Play kitchen with some plastic pans and the wooden food that joins together with velcro that u can split using the wooden knife. We got a wooden one from ELC when DD1 was turning 2 and it has had huge use in 5 years. Can also get dolly highchair to use with it.


Swing and sand pit for garden,

First trike.

I got DS a micro scooter for his 2nd bday, as his bday and Xmas are a few weeks apart, by summer he was able to use it.

Rosa Mon 01-Oct-12 13:05:05

If she likes dolls a dolls bath, bottle, feeding set, Duplo, mine loved the ITHNG set at that age. Also the books that you press noises behind flaps kind of books!!!!

SayHelloToMyLittleFriend Mon 01-Oct-12 13:10:14

I agree with the play kitchen. We bought my dd (just turned 3) a wooden one for her christmas last year and she loves it. She plays with it every day and whenever she has friends around they go straight for that too.

If she likes her dolls and pram, what about the little travel cots / doll swings to go with it?

iloveholidays Mon 01-Oct-12 13:13:29

My DD2 is really into her doll, I've bought her a dolls travel cot (£12.50 from the entertainer), dolls changing mat with accessories and dolls bath with accessories (both casdon, around £6 each). Planning to take some of the accessories out to wrap individually to put in her stocking.

I've also bought her a pillow pet and jenga style game from elc.

When DD1 was her age, she got (which are still used now) - keyboard, megasketcher, toy kitchen with all the sets/food etc, megabloks, puzzles and books. I think she also got her scooter around that age, although it probably wasn't really used much before the summer.

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