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Cheap Christmas trees

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WipsGlitter Sun 30-Sep-12 08:27:29

Am thinking of putting up a second tree in our dining room this year. Was going to get a fake black one (would go with the decor) has anyone seen any good quality artificial ones?

But I might be better getting a smaller real one and getting a small table to put it on. Our real tree was £45 last year and DP would collapse if I suggested getting two!!

girlywhirly Sun 30-Sep-12 10:32:33

Is your dining room used all the time or only occasionally? If all the time you might be able to argue your case for a small real one.

Haven't seen anything this year so far in the shops. If you don't mind what colour, sometimes there are ads in the local paper of people selling S/H artificial trees, I sold my old one this way and the guy who bought it said he wanted it as a second one in his dining room. You can get ones that have only been used for one Christmas, where the owners needed something bigger/smaller/different colour more cheaply.

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