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stocking for ds 1st Christmas

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fraggle28 Sun 23-Sep-12 11:15:18

Has anyone got any good xmas stocking recommendations? My little boy will be 9 months and want to get him one that will be used for years to come

WaitingForMe Sun 23-Sep-12 13:52:42

I bought a set from Home Sense last year. They look hand knitted. I'm hoping they have them again this year as baby is due in Nov and I want him to have one as well.

They were about £7.

IPredictADiet Sun 23-Sep-12 13:59:04

they have some laahverly ones in John Lewis, but not cheap. I bought them for the dds a couple of years ago when I got JL vouchers as a leaving present.

shoppingbagsundereyes Sun 23-Sep-12 14:21:38

My Dc have beautiful pillow case sized ones from jojomamanbebe which I personalised by appliqueing their names on in contrasting Christmassy fabric. Love them.

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