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AIBU giving these to my DC?

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Onadietcolabreak Sat 22-Sep-12 13:00:12

I have a wooden castle that I brought for DS a few years ago but he asked for something else,so I brought it for him and stuck the castle in the loft. I'm not sure he would even like it, but he just wants another action figure set, he already has so many and they hardly ever get played with. Aibu to give him it this year? Given that he has never shown any interest in one.

Dd2 (18mnths) doesn't pay with toys, just loves books really. But whilst we were looking through the smyths catalogue she saw the Fisherprice bounce and spin zebra and got really excited, and we already have it in box in the loft.It was DSs but was hardly used it and doesn't remember having it. Would I be an awful Mummy if I gave it to her for Xmas?

I have already spent around £60 each on stocking fillers and would rather spend the saved money on say a panto or an activity this year.

I normally spend about £150/£200 per child, but things are more than a little tight. And I always get annoyed with them as they are always board by the afternoon!

ChiefOwl Sat 22-Sep-12 13:03:53

I think I would sell the castle but yes to the zebra smile

Beamur Sat 22-Sep-12 13:04:14

I think it makes perfect sense to recycle these gifts. DP has a castle he was bought when he was 7, his kids have played with it, his parents neighbours kids used to come round and play with it and now DD also plays with it. It lives at GP's. It makes a good prop for toys and other games.
Stocking fillers usually seem to be the favourites in our house anyway! I've also taken to getting a game or activity that is for everyone to play too - bought a marble run this year and everyone had a go on it.

DoubleMum Sat 22-Sep-12 13:20:24

I suspect if he doesn't want the castle he'll never play with the castle (spoken from bitter experience with a lovely expensive castle!) but I'd have no problem at all recycling the zebra.

girlywhirly Sat 22-Sep-12 15:22:49

I agree, if the zebra is your toddlers dream thing it won't matter where it came from. If DS has never shown any interest in a toy castle, I'd sell it and spend the money on something he wants.

I remember my friend buying a big collection of lego second-hand for her 4yo because that was all he had asked for, and she painstakingly scrubbed each piece clean over quite a few evenings when he was asleep. He was in lego heaven on Christmas day, the fact that it wasn't in boxes never occurred to him (although it was all in a big plastic storage type box.)

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