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Dolls pram for very tall 7 year old

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Pannalash Sat 22-Sep-12 12:34:04

Could anyone please recommend a dolls pram that would be suitable for my daughter - a lot of them seem to be aimed at smaller girls.
Would love a 'vintage' syle one but don't have that sort of money.
A modern design would be fine too.
Would also like one that has a bit of growing room in it for her.

Thanks very much

girlywhirly Sat 22-Sep-12 14:41:19

Well, from what I have found looking through various catalogues, these models have the tallest handle heights:
Mamas and Papas Graziella pram max 91cm
Urbo 74cm
Skate 76cm

Silver Cross Surf 79cm
3d pushchair 76cm

Brio Combi 78cm

The Urbo is new, the carrycot turns into a pushchair seat which can be front or rear facing, and the Brio has a soft carrycot which can be removed to convert the pram to a pushchair. These might have greater flexibility of play options for your DD, the Urbo is in the new Argos catalogue and you can get Brio prams from Amazon.

The Brio is probably the better quality and would have a higher re-sale value second hand if this would be a consideration.

Pannalash Sat 22-Sep-12 21:09:15

Thanks Girlywhirly, really appreciate that info, off to look now.

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