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Presents fo 4yo ok for baby

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OrangePetals Sun 16-Sep-12 21:50:10

my 4yo DS has already had lots of his toys put away as my DD is just crawling and putting everything in her mouth.

Anyone got ideas for things he would appreciate that won't have to be hidden from their main play area iyswim?

Seeline Mon 17-Sep-12 15:02:36

I used to put my older child in a playpen with any unsiuiable toys so that small bits were kept out of the younger and he could still play. You can't stop him playing with toys for his age - he needs them to help his development.

pateran Tue 18-Sep-12 12:31:40

I have a DS 6 and a baby 9 months old. My DS6 has to play lego and playmobil in his room which is due to small bits but Imagintex stuff is quiet big and bulky so yes the baby does put in his mouth but the bits are too big to eat. He has the ambulance and police car, the space ship and the moon buggy and space station thing. The aliens are a good size for teething. But honestly with the exception of the police and space mans hats which can easily be removed they are cool for little ones. In fact DS2 loves the spaceship though he does get his fingers stuck in in some times. Also Bob the builder toys - some of them are quiet robust. I have these toys on a shelf that baby can reach and we call them the sharing toys.

I do have a playpen but it does feel like they are in jail. I try not to use it too much cos he feels left out and he just loves his big brother.

Also megablocks the big kind I'm sure they could play together.

I hope that helps in someway.

MySecretSelf Tue 18-Sep-12 14:03:40

My 4yo DS is getting some Batman imaginext stuff for Christmas which seems pretty chunky and lacking in small bits. Does he like Thomas the tank engine? the take and play range doesn't really have any small pieces. DS loves in and far prefers it to his expensive Thomas wooden train collection

Play food/shop type stuff?
Schleich Dinosaurs?

pateran Wed 19-Sep-12 09:55:38

Yeah my DS of 6 has tons and tons of take and play and is safe (safeish) for the baby. Also Cars as in the disney one - play mat might be an idea.

pateran Fri 28-Sep-12 12:45:45

Had another idea - Toy Story Woody and Jessi - my baby loves chewing the hands and feet and I feel they are sharing toys.

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