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Children's Christmas Party

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LoosingBattle Tue 21-Aug-12 18:36:00

In our village we have a Christmas party for the children every year, normally an extortionately expensive & crap entertainer. This year I suggested going back to basics, traditional games, party food etc. Thats a great idea I was told - you can arrange it! Thanks for that...So can I have all your best games/food/ideas to make it as great as possible? Around 25 children and a budget of £500. (entertainer was £350 last year and the rest was spent on presents for the children, my DH was Father Christmas, as he will be again this year).

countydurhamlass Tue 21-Aug-12 19:00:49

1. musical statues
2. fill two paddling pools with balls and hide plastic stars (or equivilent), blind fold the children and they have 30 seconds to find as many as they can
3. a mini disco and have competitions for the best dancer, the most original dance moves,

at one of our local party's there was an area themed as a funfair with games like skittles/boules, knock the coconut of the stand, hook a duck/hoops (Homemade or bought)

prizes could be medals (shop bought or made)

for food include sausage rolls, crisps, carrot/cucumber sticks, apple/pear slices etc, sandwiches, cup cakes and mini rolls, cubes of cheese, pasta, pizza,

you could also do hotdogs and hamburgers in buns (in the themed area)

70isaLimitNotaTarget Tue 21-Aug-12 21:47:33

Where are you holding the party? Church Hall or Village Hall?
Is there room for different activities or outside (weather permitting and safe area?)

What ages are the children?

Off the Top of My Head......

Balloons blown up, in a corner. Put a toy (small) into a few and the children have to find the ones with the toy.

A treasure hunt, tie a gift label(one for each person- with a number eg 1-15 on the back) onto a tree (outside) or branch or drainpipe .Each child has to find one of each number or certain numbers. (Not allowed to take the wrong/duplicate number or share them out)

Make the outside as lovely as inside to start the magic right from the start. See if anyone has garden lights, solar for safety ( candles in jars out of reach is nice, put wet sand in the base to anchor them)

Pass the Parcel (bound to be spare wrapping paper about). Put a gift -like a small bar of chocolate- in the layers of wrap.


Throw 'snowballs' made of tightly packed newspaper covered in white tissue and sellotape. Try to knock down skittles dressed to look like snowmen or Father Christmas (should be able to get cheap skittles in poundshop.Or make them from plastic lemonade bottles ,painted)

For food, keep it simple, not too much choices or you get leftovers.
Do you have an oven there?

70isaLimitNotaTarget Tue 21-Aug-12 22:02:36

Continued... (DH wanted the PC hmm cheek!)

Are you in charge of buying the food or is everyone bringing things?

YY to pizza, sausages,

French bread
chicken drumsticks

Cholate fondue ( I made one for my DDs party - chocolate, cream, spoonful of syrup and some vanilla). It keeps warm for ages, you can reheat it in a microwave. Have marshmallows, biscuits (M&S and Sainsburys do tiny little gingerbread men) sponge fingers to dip in. Give everyone a plastic cup of fondue.

Jelly looks lovely in plastic wine glasses (pound shop)

Tray bake cake with icing and loads of sprinkles

LoosingBattle Tue 21-Aug-12 22:09:13

There are superb grin thanks so much!

Ages range from 2-12 although probably some older and younger ones will tag along, will get a full list by November so can tailor prizes/pressies accordingly.

Will be in our village hall, masses of space and kitchen but prob no to outside. Rural scotland so expecting snow!

Food wise, will do the basics and get everyone to bring something?

Almost getting myself excited...

BiddyPop Wed 22-Aug-12 10:19:43

While having plenty of games and activity generally (lots of nice ideas there), try to put aside a space for quieter play for littler ones especially. If you have a few small baskets or bowls of crayons, free printable colouring pages (favourite characters and lots of Christmassy ones are available on the net) and maybe even some seasonal activity sheets (like wordsearches or sudokus) for older ones, that would be good.

Maybe do a treasure hunt sheet too? Might need to have a younger and older version of that. Either like above suggestion, or find lots of different things like
Find the star stamp and stamp this line.
Get Mrs Moo from Milk Street/John the Butcher/the local headmistress... to sign here (someone you know will be there)
How many windows are in the hall?
(OK not particulary inspired this morning, but I'm sure you'll get plenty of ideas here, elsewhere on net or among locals)....

Bring along an ipod or cd player and speakers, with Christmas music for a disco. If anyone has a glitterball or any disco kind of lights, get a loan of those too (lots of people now have small ones from Argos etc, don't need to be real "pro" ones).

If it's not too chaotic, a craft activity can be good to settle kids down. The local GAA club hold their kiddie party in a school, with stations in 3 different rooms and people move between them all in groups - making rocky road type buns in groups of about 2/3/4 (each crushes 2 digestive biscuits in sandwich bag, can choose how much raisins/marshmallows to add to mix, all get to mix into chocolate melted by grown up helpers in large bowl, and then spoon into 2 paper cases each), making paper plate wall decorations (coloured in, small pictures decorated and pritt sticked on, stickers and glitter glued around edges and all 3 plates stapled by grown up helpers to a ribbon), getting a snack (apple, digestive biscuits and diluted squash), and all come together in the hall to meet Santa (who tells lots of jokes and funny stories, getting them singing along etc, but there aren't any gifts handed out there).

Will the Hall already be decorated? If not, get plenty of tinsel, crepe paper chains, can of snow/gold spray etc and make it as magical as you can.

If snowy, make sure plenty of space to take off and store outer layers, and hot food or drinks close after as people come in.

I agree with things like carrot sticks and chopped fruit as options - kids often choose at least some of those when they're offered, even at parties. And yes to asking people to bring things - and try to ask them to bring something specific (so you don't end up with 40 plates of ham sambos and nothing sweet, or vise versa). If you can, either have washer-uppers sorted beforehand (not knowing if this is somewhere that has all the crockery needed), or else buy a catering pack of paper plates (even if crockery there, if you fear you might have to do all the cleaning after too and especially as excitable kids can mean breakages unintentionally).

70isaLimitNotaTarget Wed 22-Aug-12 15:23:17

YY to different activities for the pre-teens and the toddlers.
(Though my DS would be tucked in a corner with his Nintendo DS -you'll need to ban them grin. He suggested "paintballing" as an activity but that's not restful or festive ! )

Maybe a quiet area (doesn't have to be a different room)

Magician Act.

You've got 4 months to practice grin

DamnDeDoubtance Wed 22-Aug-12 21:18:02

Craft is your friend, get last years crimbo cards and cut out all the interesting bits.

Give kids some folded cards, glue etc and let them make cards.

EduStudent Wed 22-Aug-12 21:38:29

The Loo Roll Mummy Snowman game, where you wrap someone up in toilet roll. Split them into teams and set a time limit.

Pin the Nose/Carrot/Hat on the Rudolph/Snowman/Santa

Musical Icicles - Musical Statues

Musical Bumps, musical chairs, pass the parcel. Musical islands, where ou lay out pieces of newspaper, with one less than the number of children, Music stops, they have to get on a piece of newspaper. Remove a piece each time.

Apple bobbing grin

Hunt the thimble/christmas toy

EduStudent Wed 22-Aug-12 21:41:58

Ooh, get old Christmas cards, one for each child, cut into 2/3/4/5 pieces, give each child one piece of their card to start and they have to find all the other bits, which are hidden around the room. Give the younger ones less pieces to find and the older ones more.

Split into teams, each team has to find pieces of coloured card which have letters on and work out what Christmassy word they spell out.

EduStudent Wed 22-Aug-12 21:44:42

And all the party dances - Hokey Cokey, Conga, Can-Can, Cha Cha Slide, Macarena, YMCA etc.

BiddyPop Thu 23-Aug-12 08:48:20

I forgot about the various versions of "pin the X on the Y" that you can do!! (We did stars on the fairy's wand for DD's fairy party 2 years ago). When dealing with littlies, I've found that double sided tape or sticky dots (or even blu tak) on what you're pinning on works well and no sharp points.

70isaLimitNotaTarget Thu 23-Aug-12 10:07:12


Make one from a huge balloon, newspaper and wallpaper paste in layers, then white paper and paint. (Snowman or Christmas Pudding would be good designs)

This is one for the older children, it can get violent competitive.

BabyDubsEverywhere Thu 23-Aug-12 16:40:28

Our Christmas Party this year (just at the house) will have a santas grotto in the garden, fake snow (filled the conservatory last year - massive sucess!), festive pinata, christmas themed food (lots of reds and greens!) Face painting, and christmas/party music... and turning a blind eye to my house being trashed!

Obviously everywhere will be done up like a dogs dinner in the most tackiest christmas way possible smile

I will be leaving some paper, crayons and glue sticks, christmas crafty bits on the table for the calmer ones to have a go with...

I love christmas smile

LoosingBattle Thu 23-Aug-12 20:16:21

These ideas are fantastic. I have started a list, and a shopping list and am really rather ridiculously excited by the whole thing!!

Any more ideas keep them coming and I will post my 'plan' soon and you can all help me fine tweak it! thanks

The hall has also just been booked for its first wedding, DH is doing the bar and I have a feeling I will get decoration duties - but that is a whole other thread!

LoosingBattle Sat 27-Oct-12 15:00:25

Bumping for anymore ideas, was at the village Halloween party last night and it was a bit crap to put it mildly - my party has to be fabulous! grin

ChestyNutterStaringInTheWindow Sat 27-Oct-12 17:39:47

Theme off everyone has to wear Christmas jumpers....prize for the best?

mameulah Sat 27-Oct-12 17:40:23

Musical Arms is easier to organise than Musical Chairs. Divide the kids into two groups, if the ratio of girls and boys is about equal then that is the easiest way, then pick one group to be the 'arms' first.

The 'arms' stand in a straight line, alternate each kid having either their right or left arm on their hip.

The other team skips around the line and when the music stops they link onto an arm.

As the kids get eliminated you tell certain 'arms' to stand straight, eventually ending up with the top and bottom 'arms' to link onto. And then only one 'arm' and two dancers.

Phew!!!!!!!!! I hope you see what I mean, honestly it is HEAPS less hassle than fannying about with a load of chairs.

ALSO, this game is a good one to play just before the food because as they are elminated they can get a sticker and sent off to eat. This stops heaps of congestion and the sticker helps you work out who should be where.

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