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Countdowners united

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MamaPizzaChristmasToppings Mon 02-Jan-12 17:16:00


MamaPizza Wed 11-Jan-12 06:03:35

By the way, I love your name Peanuts!

lucysmam Wed 11-Jan-12 11:10:06

Nipped into town yesterday........bought 4 packs of 25p cards from Sainsbury's and some nice fancy red ribbon for 50p for everyone but the kid's presents (they really don't care what they look like).

Am half way through sequinning dd1's name on her stocking, aim to finish that tonight in between purchasing a book light for my kindle and making dp some lunch for work tomorrow and then start dd2's. Their name's are in red so was thinking about doing a snowman on each as well in silver <feeling quite creative>

DP still thinks I'm mental to be planning now but have started bookmarking bits like a chalk board on Ikea website for £15.99, just have to ask my dad to drive me there to get one at some point before I forget and think of some random plastic tat to get them instead.

How is everyone else doing?

MamaPizza Thu 12-Jan-12 08:35:52

lucysmam, you sound very creative. Maybe you can make it a business and sell personalized stockings?

Chalkboards are always great, better than some plastic tat. DS loves his.

Is it just me who hates this time of the year?

PeanutButterCupCake Thu 12-Jan-12 14:48:47

No mama me too!

How's dream holiday planning going?

lucysmam Thu 12-Jan-12 15:02:46

Too much like hard work Mama, although....I have been thinking about getting back into work when the kids are older so maybe worth thinking about grin

I may even attempt making some cards from myself and dp this year (only send out about 6 and have loads of time on my hands while he's working and dd1 is at school), could be fun

I like the idea of being creative, in reality, I never really bothered before but I figured since I'm starting so early I have time to do the stuff I always want to do.

Both kids already have little Poundland Chalkboards but we had one as I was growing up & it was always a constant 'toy' that was out so I think my 2 would enjoy it

Where's the dream holiday to? <nosey>

MamaPizza Fri 13-Jan-12 08:44:01

I have a couple of creative friends whose businesses thrive and they are especially on demand at Christmas time. You could look into it, as long as you find the time to get orders ready on time. You could start now, have a few ready and just stitch on names for when people order.

The dream holiday is to Disneyworld, Florida. I have been looking at the websites recommended on the thread, but at the moment I don't want to get too excited. If I got this job in September (there is a good possibility at one of my supply schools, but not holding my breath) we could make the dream come true. But as all is a big if I'd rather not get too much into it.
My bigger worry is this year's holiday. We foolishly put a big deposit down last summer when I still had a job but now we have to find the final 1k to pay it off and if I don't find work soon, we won't be able to go and will lose the deposit sad Wish we had kept our money, but I really thought I was in a stable job.

PeanutButterCupCake Sun 15-Jan-12 13:58:22

Where is it too mama?
That's disappointing sad am keeping my fingers crossed for you on the job front.

<<waves to lucys>>

lucysmam Sun 15-Jan-12 14:08:46

Oh mama, I hope you get it, it's a nightmare not having a decent job (dp was unemployed on and off for 5 years until 2 weeks ago because he kept taking jobs in warehouses where if there's no work, there's no work. Thankfully he recently took a job in marketing and is loving it)

MamaPizza Mon 16-Jan-12 06:54:55

It's to Zante, Greece. One of those splash hotels - waterpark right by the hotel - so the big and the little boy can have fun while I soak in the sun.

Congrats on your DH getting a job, lucysmam. It is so frustrating.

The perfect job has just come up for me, so will apply. Need to keep my options open and can't be too fussy in case the other one doesn't work out. Fingers crossed.

How is everyone else?

PeanutButterCupCake Mon 16-Jan-12 07:13:14

Oooh I've always fancied Zante. Looks lovely. Good luck with the application!
My friend moves to Crete this year sad so be spending some time there I hope.
Am knackered back at work, not used to these early mornings grin

Haven't seen mole or mrs recently.

MamaPizza Mon 16-Jan-12 08:00:34

Already knackered? Ha ha grin How did the first days go? Was it ok?

Mole was on FB this weekend, but haven't seen her here and Mrs is probably a busy bee as usual.

lucysmam Mon 16-Jan-12 11:53:04

<<crosses fingers for mama>> good luck!

Have both girls at home ill today so not much going on, am off to town tomorrow hopefully though if they're better, going to see if I can pick up some cheap socks/vests each for stocking fillers. And have a look for some reduced card making bits in The Works and Boyes (sp), should keep me busy for a while if I do

Other than that, the house is a tip so will have to do something about that, although it's mainly toys and I'm hopeless at clearing them out so may just bung them somewhere out of sight for now and concentrate on the rest

PeanutButterCupCake Mon 16-Jan-12 17:04:13

Am not used to any sort of physical exertion, they won't let me go in my pjs or provide a sofa to lay on mama grin

MamaPizza Sat 21-Jan-12 08:20:20

Oh dear, I have worked two days last week and I am shattered. Not used to this working thing anymore. And I had to get dressed, how dare they grin Peanuts, we should demand to work in our joggers or pjs!

I like the idea of buying socks / vests etc early, will keep my eyes open.

molepom Tue 24-Jan-12 16:58:12

I'm here! I'm here...sorry.

Been busy with college and the kids and trying to get this house straightened out.

College is taking up every spare minute at the moment as I'm trying to get this project finished. I will have completed one of the courses tomorrow so that's an afternoon to myself, which will help loads but will be taken up with planning and researching for the next project which starts next week.

DS hasnt been doing well at school as got called to pick him up yesterday after an emotional break down - poor thing.

DD has had school trips and events nearly every day last week so nothing at home has been done but she's happy, tired but happy.

Other than that I'm trying to save up for new front door and back door but it's hard and will takes ages, also need new internal doors downstairs asap as well as skirting as I'm not happy with the job I did before, so will be taking that off and starting again - this time with the proper tools.


How is everyone?

PeanutButterCupCake Tue 24-Jan-12 20:37:18

Yay molepom

What course are you doing?
I'm back at work on reduced hours for a few more weeks and am knackered! 3 months of being off sick and you forget what it's like

You said on other thread you were near me, remind me? smile

Poor DS what's been happening with him?

molepom Tue 24-Jan-12 20:46:52

I'm in South Yorks

I'm doing a furniture making course and a DIY/Joinery course which finishes tomorrow. The furniture one is great and I'm really enjoying it, just this set piece is dragging and I've had so many problems with it. We have free reign next week and can make what we like but it has to be slightly more complicated than what we are doing now (bedside cabinet, solid wood, door, drawer and adjustable shelf), no screws (except for the back, door hinges and handles) or nails, proper joints all made of wood and it's been a right headache at times. I've swung from wanting to kick the thing across the carpark to being very protective over it and am actually quite fond of it now.

My next project is my long wanted coffee table but it HAS to have 2 drawers, just looking at designs now, then will start drawing up plans and cutting lists to work out how much raw timber I will need.

DS is a long story and it's an ongoing problem, not helped by his autism and other stuff.

molepom Tue 24-Jan-12 20:48:14

lol, I know what you mean about trying to get back into the swing of things. 3 days at college after having 6 months off from work for other reasons took ages to get used to and organised around.

PeanutButterCupCake Wed 25-Jan-12 06:02:35

Very impressive! Nearest I get to furniture making is flat pack and it has a tendency to fall to bits after a while , I do try blush

Hope things get a little easier for DS soon.

Can't stop, work is calling, I'd much prefer my bed this morning grin

PeanutButterCupCake Wed 25-Jan-12 06:04:31

<<waves to mama>> I missed your last post!

Leisure wear and slippers to work sounds awfully appealing grin

MamaPizza Wed 25-Jan-12 06:11:46

Well, I haven't worked since my moan so I am refreshed again. Hope you are slowly getting used to things, peanuts.

That sounds amazing, mole. I can build IKEA furniture, but that's about it.

Saw some lovely giant stockings at Aldi yesterday. They were £7.99 originally and reduced to £2.99. But - we are piss broke at the moment, so I didn't get any sad That would have been a good Christmas bargain, but well. £3 can go a long way when you don't have anything. I need work!!! <stomps feet>

molepom Wed 25-Jan-12 08:04:31

Mama sad it's shit being that skint. Hope you get work soon x

LOL about the flat pack, that's one of the reasons why I've done it. I'm sick to death of furniture falling apart and I'm not paying £300+ for a coffee table, so I night as well learn how to make stuff so I can sell it and then with any luck DS can work with me.

PeanutButterCupCake Wed 25-Jan-12 09:22:44

That's shitty mama hope you find a job soon, am crossing my fingers for you smile

Am on a break n Mumsnetting grin

molepom Sat 28-Jan-12 10:45:09

I think I may take up knitting.

I've seen some lovely stockings but can't afford them. The last time I knitted anything I was 8.

I've seen a few finely knitted decorations too but don't know is that will too, twee, if you know what I mean.

May have to think about it some more.

MamaPizza Sun 29-Jan-12 15:54:55

Knitting? Jeez, you are all real ladies. I can't even get a yarn through a needle. I'd better hide grin

Only 11 months to go!!!

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