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Countdowners united

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MamaPizzaChristmasToppings Mon 02-Jan-12 17:16:00


MamaPizza Thu 05-Jan-12 11:46:42

Woohoo to Christmas smileys grin I wonder if they will be gone tomorrow? Might aswell make the most of them while they are here.

No job, nothing in sight. If it wasn't for the money I could happily live indoors in joggers for the rest of my life blush

I am back to normal name, but not sure whether to change it or not. Everyone got used to calling me Mama, but there are so many Mama's around. Didn't think when I registered here. Thinking of SalamiPizza which makes sense when you know who I am in real life.

PeanutButterCupCake Thu 05-Jan-12 11:51:42

I like mama tho smile
Know how you feel, I go back to work next week after a long period off sick.....I dont wanna get dressed, get up early and deal with RL again sad

I was thinking of a name change but sort of think of myself as Peanut now grin

molepomandmistletoe Thu 05-Jan-12 12:40:45

Hello People!

Havent taken the decs down yet but will do that tonight I think. Been swimming today with a mate and have to pick up ds to take him to his SN review in an hour so I'm grabbing a cuppa while I can.

How's everyone? Started planning Chrsitmas yet?

Loving the pantry list, whoever did that, might have to do that myself...another tag for the speadsheet I think is called for.

Mama, I'm loving the Salamipizza name.

MistletoeAndFlump Thu 05-Jan-12 13:07:29

Hello Christmassy MNers! I'm so glad I found this thread - I was feeling very sad about Christmas being so many sleeps away, but now I can mark my place here and pretend it's (kind of) Christmas every day smile.

I'm taking down the decorations tomorrow, as I want to drag it out as long as possible. I also have two Christmas stockings to mend, since they were stuffed so full that the felt on the back split. I was going to chuck them and get new ones but the owner of one of them (DS1, 14) wouldn't hear of it because he said he wants to ''keep the same stocking I always had until I'm old and farty''.

lauracindy Thu 05-Jan-12 13:08:11

hello all, newbie here, may i join?

You all sound so very organised! I'm not very good with spreadsheets and normally keep things listed in the back of my diary & take pictures on my phone of what ive brought already to save double buying something by mistake, but will get my DF to show me how to spreadsheets this year, ive never been shopping in the January sales, but plan to do so next year x

MistletoeAndFlump Thu 05-Jan-12 13:08:42

PS Mama I love your name! Does it suggest I'm not the only one who made turkey, stuffing and cranberry sauce pizzas on Boxing Day then?

PeanutButterCupCake Thu 05-Jan-12 13:49:10

Yum mistletoe I need a turkey and stuffing pizza now!
Pity we don't all live close, we could have some sort of Christmas party in summer grin

MistletoeAndFlump Thu 05-Jan-12 14:01:22

Well I for one am prepared to travel blush

molepom Thu 05-Jan-12 18:45:48

I'm gutted.

Decorations are all down and packed away in their new storage box, the house looks bare now. There's a big mud stain on the carpet which I've missed so will get onto that tomorrow. Tree is outside waiting to be collected by the local council who will recycle it around the 17th.

and my old name is back sad

PeanutButterCupCake Thu 05-Jan-12 19:22:19

We could have a Christmas day summer picnic and make fake snow <<squeeee>>

molepom Thu 05-Jan-12 19:26:35

My aussie mates do something called Christmas in July. I'm not quite sure what it's about but it sounds good.

Scout19075 Thu 05-Jan-12 19:43:10

I used to do Christmas in July (in the States) when I worked at summer camp or at the day care. It ws good fun.

PeanutButterCupCake Thu 05-Jan-12 19:44:20

I want two Christmas' grin

LordOfTheFlies Thu 05-Jan-12 20:09:12

QVC (shopping channel) do Christmas in July.

It used to be really good, they brought loads of products over from USA.
But now it just seems to be the Clearance stuff under a new name.

My plan for next year is to buy loads of Yankee Candles for Christmas.
I bought 3 apple scents (Apple Cider, MacIntosh Spice and Red Apple wreath) and Vanilla Lime with Christmas Cupcake and Christmas Cookie.
And I used them all well before Christmas blush

molepom Thu 05-Jan-12 21:15:54

I need inspiration..

Due to a massive leak where the decorations were stored, everything was destroyed so I've had to start from scratch, not that I'm complaining.

So I got loads of white and silver decorations but the kids have requested some coloured lights.

If I'm going to have colourd lights on the tree I will need coloured decorations only I dont know what colour to go for...there's sooooo many to chose from.

What theme did you have for last year?

BarryStar Thu 05-Jan-12 23:18:04

Hi everyone. Bought next year's cards today (depsite being loudly ridiculed by my friend). Like the idea of taking pics of what I've bought, although I suspect I may find that even more challenging than mastering spreadsheets.

lucysmam - I got some really nice ribbon in Wilkos, it had a sort of peacocky bluey/greeny pattern with gold in it. Sounds horrid, but was lovely, honest, and also cheap.

molepom - last year I had a new settee which is kind of slate grey, and I put purple cushions on it. So I decorated the tree in red, purple and gold - it was horrid and just didnt look right! So this year I faffed about and bought some teal coloured baubles, some more purple ones, some silver ones etc. In the end I just did the whole tree in red with white lights, and it looked much better than last year. That wasn't a terribly helpful answer, sorry! I also have baubles in gold, green, and pink which I have used in past years.

And I'm ashamed to report that the newly discovered tin of Quality Street will not make it to next year, it is sadly depleted since last night blush

SantieMaggie Thu 05-Jan-12 23:37:43

ooh am loving this thread!

i dont feel like ive had a xmas due to bereavement and illness so would very much like a nice one this year sad

the qs probably wouldve been out of date by next year anyway wink

PeanutButterCupCake Thu 05-Jan-12 23:46:50

lordof I got the 12 days of Christmas Yankee set ( although it's changed it's name to...??..memories) 12 different samplers in a book display. Is lovely!!

mole red and gold here. Think I need a new tree next year or to try tinsel hmm as looked a bit sparse and "gappy"

Welcome santie

MamaPizza Fri 06-Jan-12 07:42:36

Good luck for next week, peanuts. I had this last year after being signed off for three months, I was so much in tears the days leading up to the return.

Will have a ponder about my name. Mistletoe, I didn't have turkey pizza. It's a long standing nickname from my friends at uni which has to do with my real name and my favourite food. grin

So, Christmas officially over today, eh? sad Even the Christmas smileys are gone. Ah well, not long til Easter [bunny]! I like Christmas in July, have heard that a few people do it in the states. Where do you all live? I am bang in the middle of the country, Staffordshire.

Mole, have a look on my facebook Christmas album (in case you haven't nosed already wink). We had a rainbow colour theme, it was easy to get decorations. Baubles, stars etc were all in blue, green, pink, purple and yellow which sounds crazy but it worked. Some were 'posher' and more expensive and I filled it with cheapo multipacks from Asda and similar.

molepom Fri 06-Jan-12 10:35:40

Thanks for the suggestions everyone, have bookmarked more places for the decorations, got 2 boxes of cards today so those are now away.

I need to start planning about making some stocking for the kids as they have asked for those to be replaced even if nothing in them, so I'm going to have to learn to knit I think. I want some proper knitted ones like I had when I was a kid, not the felt ones you get now.

PeanutButterCupCake Fri 06-Jan-12 10:52:03

Thanks Mama am ignoring it until next week!
Im east yorkshire...I drive though grin

lucysmam Fri 06-Jan-12 17:36:17

Thanks BarryStar, am off into town with dp and the kids tomorrow so will drag them in wilko's again to see if they have any ribbon left.

I like the sound of Christmas in July, will google later on, sounds fun. Although I think it may be counter-productive as my dd1 would expect gifts again hmm

mole we had silver, red and gold on the tree although dd2 pulled everything off the bottom so it looked odd grin and snowflakes/trees cut from coloured paper strung from the ceiling. Was very festive & now it looks very very bare sad

CavemanDave Fri 06-Jan-12 17:47:49

May I join?
Having had possibly the stressiest Christmas on record (for us) I have vowed that Preparation Is All for 2012.

molepom Fri 06-Jan-12 17:55:20

Welcome CavemanDave (loving the usename BTW)

Lucy'smam, I've got a load of ribbon, wired and non wired, half price and less from Clintons cards, try there.

lucysmam Fri 06-Jan-12 20:49:51

Oooh, mole I never venture in Clinton Cards....dp thinks too pricey.....Now I have an excuse grin

Have done my list of bits for both girls' stockings today so will start getting those over the next few weeks and then get some individual bits and pieces for each once I've got them

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