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Help! What's it called? The straw/paper you get in hampers/gift boxes...

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BleachBoys Wed 14-Dec-11 14:16:04

I am making up a couple of hampers and need to get some of the stuff you use to pad it out. Aside from cutting up crepe paper by hand, what can I buy to use? I need a name for it so I can look on Amazon/ebay confused. Ta!

AMumInScotland Wed 14-Dec-11 14:21:08

I just tried "shredded paper" in Amazon and that brought up the right sort of stuff smile

leftmymistletoeatthedoor Wed 14-Dec-11 14:22:15

I have the word raffetta in my head but that's not right

Quenelle Wed 14-Dec-11 14:22:24


BleachBoys Wed 14-Dec-11 14:32:56

Lovely! Shredded paper ordered! Thanks so much smile

lintrathensquirrel Thu 11-Dec-14 08:39:59

Do any shops sell hamper straw? Amazon won't get it to me in time for personal pre-Christmas delivery to south wales!

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