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What are you buying your Mother in Law for Christmas and can I please steal your ideas?

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TheGoddessBlossom Sat 03-Dec-11 13:23:57

In theory she should be really easy to buy for as loves clothes, smellies, make up, and all girly things, but she has loads of all of the above so would welcome any ideas please.


MudAndGlitter Sat 03-Dec-11 13:26:09

A camera apparently. And I'm offloading the DCs scribbles by sticking a calendar thing at the bottom and putting it all on card

AlmaWalkingInAWinterWonderland Sat 03-Dec-11 13:51:48

Mine's getting a pasta maker.

OhThisIsJustGrape Sat 03-Dec-11 13:52:17

Jewellery. We get her the same for every birthday, Christmas and mother's day.

In our defence, she loves it. She has millions of rings, bangles, necklaces and wears different things with different outfits so never tires of being bought something to add to her collection.

We have a lovely boutique shop in our town that does really unusual pieces. Nice and easy and even DH can manage to go and buy her something (the only Christmas shopping he does!).

mercibucket Sat 03-Dec-11 13:53:36

Dunno. What's your dh getting your mum? Just get the same for your mil. Lucky mil - ours only gets the one pressie, from dh on all our behalf

mercibucket Sat 03-Dec-11 13:53:36

Dunno. What's your dh getting your mum? Just get the same for your mil. Lucky mil - ours only gets the one pressie, from dh on all our behalf

jollyoldstnickschick Sat 03-Dec-11 13:57:48

My mil passed away 16 years ago but this is what Id buy her

RightUpMyRue Sat 03-Dec-11 14:01:26

Couple of jigsaws and the new masterchef cookbook. She has asked for both.

runningmonkey Sat 03-Dec-11 14:03:54

Cookbooks, some nice bakeware, Cake storage tins and apron/oven gloves/tea towel set.

She has just retired and loves to cook

PresentsRibbonsAndMerrySantas Sat 03-Dec-11 14:10:10

a digital photo frame with pics of dc's on it, my mum's got a camera from us

Thefoxsbrush Sat 03-Dec-11 14:15:16

A joint gift (with fil) -a voucher for slap up meal at local fancy restaurant

Whatevertheweather Sat 03-Dec-11 14:17:08

Kindle (joint with dp's brother) and a garden ornament

mistressploppy Sat 03-Dec-11 14:19:06

Mine's getting a membership to The Wine Society grin

BrigitBigKnickers Sat 03-Dec-11 14:24:28

MIL- little black sequinned cardigan from Monsoon here but it was cheaper 25% off!

My mum is getting a bread maker.

BrigitBigKnickers Sat 03-Dec-11 14:26:31

Oops pressed too quickly.
Cookworks bread maker

miSaltireandwine Sat 03-Dec-11 14:33:05

Well my MIL is very materialistic and tends to prefer huge presents (something in a huge box I mean) or lots of little things. This usually causes grief. This year seh's getting a book on Scottish cookery, a book about life below stairs in a big house and the downton abbey series 1 box set. Also getting a small gift bag with hand cream, foot cream, shower gel, diary and bar of choc - all bought in poundland.

MIL and FIL get a toiletries gift set (Boots 3 for 2) and a joint present, this year it's a big framed picture of their first Grandson.

Yama Sat 03-Dec-11 14:43:34

Dh has ordered his Mum a nice necklace and bracelet from amazon.

Luminescence Sat 03-Dec-11 14:45:56

A nimbus 2000.

Francagoestohollywood Sat 03-Dec-11 14:46:29

Gosh, I have no idea what to give Mil either. She is not materialistic at all. It'd be easier if I could get away with some obvious object of desire...

AvadventKalendar Sat 03-Dec-11 14:50:23


She chose it. I think it's fugly personally.

trumpton Sat 03-Dec-11 14:51:08

MIL has got fading eyesight(sad) and is missing her weekly fix of library books. We have got her a Kindle and will put books on it for her as and when needed.

OriginalPoster Sat 03-Dec-11 14:54:39

Nothing, dh will sort his family's stuff, he loves buying presents.

CharminglyOdd Sat 03-Dec-11 14:56:23

MIL is getting a stocking (she's staying over) with: gardening gloves, sweets, small 2012 diary, crochet mats off ebay, tea towels, Body Shop soap and something else I've forgotten.

Her main presents will be a computer course and a handmade display for her teabags (tea fanatic). She has everything she could want or need really so is very difficult to buy for.

bridgingtheabyss Sat 03-Dec-11 14:58:19

Cinema voucher.

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