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First Christmas as a daddy - gift ideas?

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MrsHende Wed 30-Nov-11 12:34:24

Our lovely DD was born on the 10th of November and I'd love to get DH a 'daddy' gift, do you have any ideas?!

I've looked on notonthehighstreet and, as ever, they've got some really lovely stuff but it's awfully expensive!!

As I had a c-section I'm not quite up to trailing the shops yet, it'd be brilliant if it was something I could order online.

chrimblycompo Wed 30-Nov-11 12:36:05

I'd just get a nice photo and him with the baby framed

chrimblycompo Wed 30-Nov-11 12:36:31

or go on truprint or similar and get the photo put on a mug so he can take it to work

MrsHende Wed 30-Nov-11 12:38:29

I like the photo ideas! I never thought about getting it put on a mug, genius!

Any other ideas?

BlueChampagne Wed 30-Nov-11 12:45:21

A lie-in token! or a night out with the boys token. Or both if you're feeling really generous.

paddypoopants Wed 30-Nov-11 12:51:47

I gave my dh a dvd of a tv series he wanted to see, some nice bottles of beer, snacks etc- made it into a sort of minihamper, a whole uninterrupted evening to watch it and a sleep in the next day - I took ds out and stayed with my Mum. He said it was the best present ever. You maybe have to IOU that one if you're recovering from a section.
You can get kits with a mug and the paint to do your childs handprint on the mug and they are not very expensive.

Poledra Wed 30-Nov-11 12:56:35

DD1 was born in January. The Christmas before she was born, I gave DH this book grin He did actually find it useful...

AFuckingFestiveKnackeredWoman Wed 30-Nov-11 12:59:51

I did a foot print in a frame for dh when both of ours were born.

I just used normal paint and rollered it on to their little feet and pressed them onto paper.

Poledra Wed 30-Nov-11 13:02:30

The Christmas after DD1 was born, I got DH screen wipes for his laptop, BTW grin sooooo many sticky little finger marks...

Heavymetalmater Wed 30-Nov-11 13:05:20

There is a book called dads stuff. Sorry cant do link. Its full of stuff dads need to know. Eg how to gets knots undone. How to teach kiddy to ride bike etc.

shrinkingnora Wed 30-Nov-11 13:22:51

This? It is actually quite helpful and interesting.

MrsDobalina Wed 30-Nov-11 22:58:22

A really nice bottle of something that will keep for 18 years so they can enjoy it together on her 18th birthday? (just don't ask me what, I'm not very good with wine etc and have never kept a bottle of anything for more than a week blush but I was wondering about this for my DH from DD)

MrsHelen Wed 02-Nov-16 00:15:46

here maybe for new Christmas dad <3

itstheyearzero Wed 02-Nov-16 09:29:26

I got this set for Father's Day when DS was little. So cute. I'm sure I didn't pay this much though so maybe shop around.

Father And Child Pint And Half Pint Coordinating Matching Tshirt Tops Navy Blue & Grey (Father Large (44") & Child 5-6 years),0,140,140&keywords=pint+and+half+pint+t+shirts

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