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And DS has his role in the school play...

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LissTheSeasonLouBeJolly Mon 21-Nov-11 15:47:35

He was going to be a bauble, not anymore.

Now he is God.

We have to come up with a costume that reflects the role, and he is most insistent that he needs a magic finger.

Ive a good mind to send him in wearing a dress and clutching golf clubs, thus channeling Alanis Morrisette in dogma.

LissTheSeasonLouBeJollie Fri 09-Dec-11 17:21:50

well, he was magnificent. he had the boom just right, and even got billing!

UnexpectedOrange Sat 03-Dec-11 11:01:15

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

LissTheSeasonLouBeJolly Sat 03-Dec-11 09:22:32

how are the plans going people?

stealthsquiggle Tue 29-Nov-11 19:35:58

My DC would be majorly jealous of a play which included a starring, not-being-slain role for a dragon. They are always on the dragon's side (except, come to think of it, if their school did such a play and they didn't get the role of the dragon, there would be hell to pay).

GrimmaTheNome Tue 29-Nov-11 13:27:56

Quite so, binful smile

That's what I mean Grimma, there should be no other forms of religious exclusivity and no grouping of people by religion. Everyone was welcomed, that was his teaching.

Muslims today recognise Jesus Christ and the Magi, (whether they were sorcerers or astrologists, from Yemen or Iran,) as do other religions, however posters on here are saying that we have to keep the Nativity as "Christian". Anyone has a right to be at the Nativity in whatever costume they choose.

Also not everyone is saying their child is in a Nativity play, so perhaps other aspects of Saturnalia or European folklore about the darkest month of the year and bringing greenery into the house should be taught, so that children don't end up with one point of view and learn from history - all of it.

It doesn't sound like Christianity, it smacks of snobbery...

muddysnowballsthenativitycow Tue 29-Nov-11 12:26:37

Well, ST George is nearly 300 years to early!grin

DD is a cow. ( she's the only one who will fit into the costume!wink)

Some of the comments have made me cry with laughter , thanks for that, i needed it! smile

daveywarbeck Tue 29-Nov-11 12:24:39

I always thought the Magi came from China.


GrimmaTheNome Tue 29-Nov-11 12:19:19

>Do you think the Magi were Christian, or Islamic?

Neither, obviously! Christianity didn't exist until after the death of Jesus, and Mohammed was centuries later. Some sources reckon the Magi would have been Zoroastrians; the majority of the rest of the nativity cast would have been Jewish.

IwoulddoPachacuti Tue 29-Nov-11 12:12:29

We are in Scotland, so it's not anything to do with St George. The plotline is that everyone comes down with the flu so the dragon has to fly the sleigh smile

Santa Claus is Sinter Klaas though no, so he was a religious figure, and a very important one for the rest of Europe on the 6th December when he travels the land and spreads kindness to children.

I would say Christmas it's exacly the opposite of an uniquely Christian celebration actually.

Before Christ was born, there was no "christianity" - so everyone on that night (whenever it actually was) was welcome to rock up to his manger and say hi. Alien, bingo player, shepherd....

Do you think the Magi were Christian, or Islamic? Muslims accept the existence of Jesus Christ, so why wouldn't they be welcome at the birth of Jesus.

The exclusive Nativity people are spouting about on here surely flies in the face of everything Jesus supposedly came to Earth to change. Belief was for everyone, and everyone was welcome.

Now let's get back to costume planning....

GrimmaTheNome Tue 29-Nov-11 11:41:24

>The Christmas play at our school involves Santa, elves and a dragon hmm

Why the hmm? The traditional mummers play (which we attempted when I was at school 40 years ago instead of the usual nativity) includes Father Christmas, and St George, though he usually dispatches the Turkish Knight rather than a dragon. And a doctor and Beelzebub. Wonderful traditional mishmash.

ShowOfHands Tue 29-Nov-11 11:11:26

Christmas isn't much to do with the birth of Jesus at all. It's a period of celebration hijacked by Christians in order to stop the nasty heathens celebrating in their non-Christian ways. All the Christmas trees, mistletoe, yule logs, gift giving stuff is nowt to do with Jesus who wasn't even born in December anyway. I do hope that if you're going to be sanctimonious about something as lovely as a school show, you take care not to have any pagan symbols or traditions in your home at Christmas.

My Dad's Othodox and as religious as they come and even he acknowledges Christmas as nothing to do with the birth of Jesus.

Christmas means different things to different people and it's a mishmash of traditions from which we pick and choose. Thankfully, nearly all of the things we can pick from are lovely, kind, generously-spirited traditions which we share with our nearest and dearest in the ways we see fit. Some of the elements are Christian. Screeching rudely about the ways in which people do things, about the ways in which we celebrate and rejoice is neither Christian nor kind.

And it's bugger all to do with not offending other religions. DH's nativity 25yrs ago had aliens in it. This was feck all to do with not offending the non-existant scientologists in his tiny village primary but everything to do with creating an imaginative, engaging story for the children to take part in. And yes there was a donkey and a baby Jesus too.

DD's school is taking the time to promote generosity, kindness, humility and friendship through their Christmas play and it doesn't get more Christian than that. If a sloth and a warthog happen to turn up to witness it all, then all power to the parents making the costumes, frankly. Baby Cheesus and the Virginia Creeper will of course be making an appearance. It matters not a jot.

gallicgirl Tue 29-Nov-11 00:00:15

What sort of angle? Right-angled or isosceles?


Any chance you could make God's golden finger light up a bit like ET? How amazing would that look? smile

IwoulddoPachacuti Mon 28-Nov-11 23:57:52

The Christmas play at our school involves Santa, elves and a dragon hmm

oldraver Mon 28-Nov-11 23:50:04

DS is going to be an angle complete with white frock edged with tinsil. They are making halos themselves

So this year he can be in his opwn little worl pulling tinsel off his halo like he pulled all the cotton wool off last years sheep crown

UniS Mon 28-Nov-11 22:49:13

Ds is going to be one of 24 waiters/waitresses in a greek restraunt !! I await with interest how THAT fits into a nativity play. On the plus side, no sewing required, grey trews and white shirt ( ie uniform) only.

stealthsquiggle Mon 28-Nov-11 22:40:15

We have also yet to go through the process of auditioning sheep, of course....hmm

stealthsquiggle Mon 28-Nov-11 22:39:28

School say they can manage a crook from somewhere, but in a moment of weakness I have ordered one off ebay which should meet with madam's requirements blush

LissTheSeasonLouBeJolly Mon 28-Nov-11 22:25:50

Next monday! He has been practising his booming voice and arms aloft stance. Have you managed to sort out a crook too? I'd be tempted to give her a gun and say its a taser grin

stealthsquiggle Mon 28-Nov-11 22:05:33

<<attempts to return thread to original tone>>

Lissie when is God's big moment (as it were)? The out-of-context shepherdess has frilly dress and bonnet but insists she needs an apron as well hmm. Curse all those people who bought her "yukky bedtime stories for girls" books with Little Bo Peep in.

LissTheSeasonLouBeJolly Mon 28-Nov-11 08:42:29

I'm aware of the significance of the name thank you, no need to patronise. The celebration of the holiday has changed. Few people go to church on xmas day now, for example. For many its not about the birth of jesus, despite the name, its about famillies and joy and love.

How on earth has a lighthearted thread about christmas plays taken this turn?

scaevola Mon 28-Nov-11 06:10:37

"Christmas is about more than the birth of Jesus" ROFL!

Christmas - honestly! Clue in the name.

Perhaps the poster means Yule? Older than Christmas, overlapping traditions, perhaps needs wider reclaiming for the secular parts of the mid-winter festival.

stealthsquiggle Sun 27-Nov-11 22:53:51

ROFL. No inclusion of other religions involved at DC's school. Just a very incongruous little-bo-beep-lookalike shepherdess bossing the 2 shepherds around, I suspect.

LissTheSeasonLouBeJolly Sat 26-Nov-11 16:49:14

I love the fact that the nativity has moved on. Christmas is about more than the birth of jesus (whether you believe or not) its about family and goodwill and kindness. The extended cast also means that every child feels like they matter and have contributed. I love ds's teacher for recasting him as god, it shows sense of humour (CofE school in a village, very involved in the local church) and has made ds, who joined 6m ago and struggled to settle in, feel 10ft tall!

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