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And DS has his role in the school play...

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LissTheSeasonLouBeJolly Mon 21-Nov-11 15:47:35

He was going to be a bauble, not anymore.

Now he is God.

We have to come up with a costume that reflects the role, and he is most insistent that he needs a magic finger.

Ive a good mind to send him in wearing a dress and clutching golf clubs, thus channeling Alanis Morrisette in dogma.

stealthsquiggle Mon 21-Nov-11 15:49:49

straight from a bauble to God - that is fast-track promotion for you!

No costume guidance from school, then? That sounds foolhardy brave of them.

LissTheSeasonLouBeJolly Mon 21-Nov-11 15:52:04

they said "something tunicy" ds thinks that God wears "a diwali shirt" and carries a lightening bolt.

but doesnt have a beard.

dementedma Mon 21-Nov-11 15:57:24

grin at from bauble to God...what kind of God is he going to be? Make him wear rubber gloves and a pinny and send him as a domestic God.
My DS is a bodyguard hmm not sure the Baby Jesus has many of those in the stable. DS has not been picked for this role because he is a lean, mean, macho fighting machine. He has been picked because he's a big, soft lump! He is not happy being a bodyguard - "I want to sing carols in the choir instead".

PotteringAlong Mon 21-Nov-11 16:00:21

Can he channel some sort of Greek God? A Titan-esque figure?!

Loving the bauble - God leap though. Good Skills!

LissTheSeasonLouBeJolly Mon 21-Nov-11 16:02:26

grin at baby jesus's bodyguard. bless!

stealthsquiggle Mon 21-Nov-11 16:02:27

I take it this is promotion, BTW?

Hmmm - a lightening bolt. He is embracing the concept of a vengeful God, then?

LissTheSeasonLouBeJolly Mon 21-Nov-11 16:03:30

oooh, maybe I should get him a wig!

there are also hedgehogs.

LissTheSeasonLouBeJolly Mon 21-Nov-11 16:04:49

oh yes, its a promotion. ds is fixated on the floods (well, he is a Noah) and all the good stories from the old testament.

stealthsquiggle Mon 21-Nov-11 16:11:18

hedgehogs and baubles.

An interesting version, I feel.

God costume sounds easier than a bauble costume, anyway <<mind boggles>>

LissTheSeasonLouBeJolly Mon 21-Nov-11 16:13:47

I would have sent him as one of these and wrapped a ribbon around him grin <lazy>

AFuckingFestiveKnackeredWoman Mon 21-Nov-11 16:14:03

Just a Shepards cossie with out the tea towel hat.

God has a beard though, A grey long gandalf beard!

GrimmaTheNome Mon 21-Nov-11 16:16:47

Can you dress him up so he looks like their headteacher?

Acanthus Mon 21-Nov-11 16:16:55

My Dad was God the other year. He wore black for some reason.

Acanthus Mon 21-Nov-11 16:17:25

Oh I know why. He was the VOICE of God grin

LissTheSeasonLouBeJolly Mon 21-Nov-11 16:25:42

grin maybe a suit and sunglasses!

Abgirl Mon 21-Nov-11 16:29:40

God sounds like a good part!

DS1 is St George, whom I don't remember featuring at Bethlehem, but I will no doubt come out of the play better informed (I suspect that a whole host of other historical characters may also surprisingly be at Bethlehem as wellhmm)

DS2 is a cloud, and is absolutely delighted!grin

LissTheSeasonLouBeJolly Mon 21-Nov-11 16:31:44

one lovely mner (who I won't out on here) suggested dressing him as George clooney.

do you all have to make the outfits then?

Abgirl Mon 21-Nov-11 16:33:09

Yes for DS1 but have a knights outfit in the dressing up box already.

DS2 I have to provide a white t-shirt and leggings for, neither of which we have currently...

LissTheSeasonLouBeJolly Mon 21-Nov-11 16:34:05

oooh, nightmare. primark?

TwoStepsBack Mon 21-Nov-11 16:40:17

Can he go as a Rock God? grin

Aw - mine are too old for all of those things at school now. DS2 once said he had to dress up as a "ripe mango". They were doing their own version of the 12 days of Xmas and it went "fi - ive ripe mangoes". I sent him in a Halloween pumpkin costume on backwards!.

PomBearAtTheGatesOfDoom Mon 21-Nov-11 17:49:47

my pfb was once a leaf (although that was the Harvest Festival) and that same year he was a rabbit in the Nativity. He wasn't even the only rabbit, he was one of about 12 of them confused and the costumes had full heads with ears so we never did find out for sure which one was actually him. My DD was Mary in the church Nativity the year she started school <proud and preening>
All of which pales into insignificance beside the utter and total and complete social humiliation and wreckage forever of my street cred when I was dressed in fourteen yards of mint green tulle net curtain and made to be Angel Gabriel, when I was bloody TWELVE and in senior school! <fumes and sobs all over again, the sound of thirty year old guffaws still ringing in my ears>

vixsatis Mon 21-Nov-11 17:52:55

Just don't tell him that God is a woman....

The wig has to resemble something Charlton Heston-ish from Ten Commandments

or as others have said think Greek - I was thinking Laurence Olivier in Clash of the Titans?

It must involve sandals though. Oh the fun you could have, I wish my DS was god!

EdithWeston Mon 21-Nov-11 18:08:14

God made the world - send him in a boiler suit or overalls.

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