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Where can I buy a brand new Islabike?

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faridzlnz Sun 17-Mar-13 20:58:05

I spent a lot of time looking for the best quality and prices. But finally decided the best choice is still there eBay

sickoftoystory Fri 18-Nov-11 00:01:50

Thanks everyone. also got an email from Islabikes to say I can order over the phone if I give certain measurements.

Kellywestie Thu 17-Nov-11 00:03:10

This is the 'How can I buy' page from their website. There is a telephone number.

Hope you get what you want.

HerdOfTinyElephants Wed 16-Nov-11 23:59:02

Direct from Islabike. They are good at arranging delivery.

UniS Wed 16-Nov-11 23:52:26

Direct from Islabike, I have bought 3 so far. 1st and 3rd ordered by phone, 2nd was ordered at a bike show where DS had tried for size 2 difference frame sizes. The service on all 3 occasions has been excellent. The most recent bike they organised delayed dispatch so it would arrive on the date I asked for ( when DS would not be home) , also fitted mudguards.

liger Wed 16-Nov-11 23:44:59

We got all ours direct from islabikes online.

Haagendazs Wed 16-Nov-11 23:40:24

The Ludlow shop will deliver free of charge and will happily do returns. We have bought from there and had excellent service. I've not heard of anywhere else that sells them

sickoftoystory Wed 16-Nov-11 23:27:31

Do I have to purchase from Ludlow shop or do they have country wide suppliers? I'm in manchester

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