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Then and now - Christmas things you don't see any more

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housemum Wed 16-Nov-11 13:09:55

I was buying some Christmas cards in Sainsbury's and for some reason remembered how we bought cards in my childhood (1970s). I remember going into Woolworths, where you bought a selection box of 20/40 different cards. Mum would spend ages looking through the boxes, but whichever you chose there would always be a couple of really naff kitten-looking-at-a-bauble cards and that dismal brown-tinted sheep-in-the-snow painting. Everywhere now sells a couple of designs only in a pack. Also whatever happened to:

Paper chain garlands, like a honeycomb that stretched out and you pinned to the ceiling

foil garlands - the expensive version of the paper ones

matt wrapping paper by the sheet, usually with the print a little off-centre on each colour. Up until a few years ago I bought this from the local cheap market, and used it to differentiate Father Christmas presents.

Peanuts and cashews in ring pull cans (usually given as gifts - whoopee! hmm )

Christmas tree lights shaped like Victorian lanterns

Christmas may have been tacky back then but it seemed cosier when everything was less "tasteful" smile

bren12 Fri 25-Nov-11 22:42:57

Glad im not the only one who detests led lights. My lights consist of multi coloured shadeless and clear shadeless. I know of some people using shadeless all year but my personal oppinion is they should be kept for christmas only. I have some star lights made out of wire mesh with glitter, glass santa lights, felt snowflake lights and Noma blue and white glass shaded lights.

GoEasyPudding Sat 26-Nov-11 12:39:59

It was in store at wilkinsons. I got a large red ball, a green tree and a small blue ball. They were out of white ones. Wish I had picked up the snow flake too.

Do you guys find the led lghts too bright?

Driftwood999 Sat 26-Nov-11 13:22:04

Er, how long does Warninks Advocaat actually last, once opened? please answer a year

Firebird20 Sun 04-Dec-11 19:32:27

I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE this thread! Brings back so many memories. I've been in NZ for 25 years and have never liked having a summer Christmas, it's just wrong! Of course my kids don't know any different so for them this is normal but for me it will never be a PROPER Christmas sad

ParisFox2 Sun 04-Dec-11 19:36:23

does anyone remember what the pick stuff that came in a tin can was called, that our moms or grandmas used with paper stencils at christmas & dabbed on the windows?

soverylucky Sun 04-Dec-11 22:02:11

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

downdownupdown Mon 18-Nov-13 21:09:41

Bumping zombie thread so I can read on app.

Shoot me grin

DrankSangriaInThePark Tue 19-Nov-13 10:21:58

Brave downdownupdown! I daren't do it yesterday but will follow you today grin

I want to shower everyone on this thread with Newbury Fruits and Famous Names liqueurs whilst waving an Avon soap on a rope and pomander at them.

Love it. smile

downdownupdown Tue 19-Nov-13 12:26:45

<< flings Lametta all over DrankSangriaInThePark >>

I love it too!

I am going on Ebay now to search 70's lights. I want the 70's Christmas of my childhood!

WaitMonkey Tue 19-Nov-13 12:44:13

Ooh, well done with the zombie bumping. How many hour's till I can put ds to bed and enjoy reading this with my full attention ?

Only 7. sad

ChippyMinton Tue 19-Nov-13 12:45:43

<leaps aboard the nostalgia train>

DrankSangriaInThePark Tue 19-Nov-13 12:48:26

I confess to having read it twice the other day, and then spending longer than was decent trying to stop myself buying a little carriage to stand my After 8s in.

I thought they were so damn sophisticated. I wanted to sit at a dinner table and nibble them elegantly.

The lights cost £££££s downdown. Better than that led shite though.

hairymonkey Tue 19-Nov-13 17:42:24

I used to love it when mum got the Christmas good house keeping or my favourite, the Christmas prima magazine. Ooh I loved it.

CockBollocks Tue 19-Nov-13 18:20:16

We had the foil garlands, they went around each of the walls. Then came diagonally to the centre of the room where they met a large foil 'chandelier.

The garlands were perfectly spaced in width and height, twas a nightmare!!!

The ritual of receiving blank cassettes to record the radio & a few years later blank video tapes.

Being really excited when a film that was on at the cinema 2 years previously was finally going to be on the TV so we could record it on the blank videotapes.

CockBollocks Tue 19-Nov-13 18:22:07

oops, didn't realise this was a zombie thread!!

LidlAngel Tue 19-Nov-13 18:59:44

I enjoyed reading it so much I didn't even check the dates on the posts! However I was puzzling as to why none of the links worked confused. A lovely thread, made me very nostalgic!! Snowball anyone?

574ejones Tue 19-Nov-13 19:04:32

Do you remember the naff frilly plastic trim that went round the Christmas cake, and came out every year?

I remember receiving Shaker Maker, muppet soap (sometimes I smell something similar and it takes me right back!).

My parents once made a whole Bethlehem scene with cardboard boxes and clay figures.

I also remember getting a Father Christmas that was made out of Fairy liquid bottle!

downdownupdown Tue 19-Nov-13 19:14:01

Do you think it would be worth starting a new thread if people are not keen on posting on a zombie thread?

NeverQuiteSure Tue 19-Nov-13 19:34:42

Thank you for resurrecting this thread, it's brilliant. Although, like LidlAngel it took me a few pages to work out why the links we're working blush

Someone's got to start a new one but not me

NeverQuiteSure Tue 19-Nov-13 19:35:11

why the links *weren't working

WaitMonkey Tue 19-Nov-13 20:19:55

I loves this thread. grin

notthefirstagainstthewall Tue 19-Nov-13 21:16:44

Someone has stolen my Christmas presents from 32 years ago

I used to get a diary every year. I loved the little pencil down the side and the gold edging that flaked off.

CPtart Tue 19-Nov-13 21:41:00

Christmas wasn't Christmas without the gift of the obligatory writing set. Matching paper and envelopes made my day.
How times have changed!

Arabesque1 Thu 21-Nov-13 14:01:23

I remember the local chemist with sprayed on snow and Santa on the window and, inside, gift sets of French Pink bath salts and Yardley Talc to buy for your mum and aunties.

Also the excitement when the Bunty, Judy and Mandy annuals appeared in the shops in December.

magentastardust Thu 21-Nov-13 14:28:12

Really enjoyed this thread- brought back so many memories -Japanese water gardens, Pierrot and Sarah Kay bed spreads (we didn't have duvet covers at that point).
I remember the net selection boxes and picture only advent calendars.
We had the lantern shaped Xmas tree lights and glass baubles and newbury fruits and a bowl of nuts and a nutcracker (than no one ever ate!)
Most excited though as we actually had that After Eights carriage thing and cannon-it used to sit on the fireplace -although I didn't realise it was specifically for After Eights just thought it was an ornament that my mum used for putting them on! Very funny -must show my sister to see if she remembers!

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