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Is 8 too old for a scooter for xmas for my dd?

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ihatethecold Wed 16-Nov-11 10:27:29

have seen some in the John lewis catalogue, but they are nearly £100.
They are called a maxi micro scooter.

She has said she would like a scooter but i really don't want to spend that amount.

she is 8 yrs old so it would have to be big enough so it lasts a few years.

Are the ones with 2 wheels on the front suitable for her or are they just for younger kids?

MorallyBankrupt Wed 16-Nov-11 10:30:23

They are for age 6-12. Hth

peanutsmuggler Wed 16-Nov-11 10:32:29

I'd go for a 2 wheel one, something like a J D Bug. Prices start from around £50.

My DS is 8 and I don't think he'd ride one with 2 wheels at the front now.

Conundrumish Wed 16-Nov-11 10:36:06

Not too old, but I have never spent anything like that on a scooter.

sweetheart Wed 16-Nov-11 10:39:55

My dd is 11 and has asked for a mad scooter this year. They are expensive but it will be worth it as I know she will use it - she is a very out door child and she had a JD bug a couple of years ago that has been used to death so it's money well spent for us.

ParkerRocks Wed 16-Nov-11 10:42:57

My DS is 8. He has a maxi micro scooter and loves it. Rides it everyday. Of all the toys, bikes etc he's ever had this scooter has been the best value for money in terms of the amount of use it's had! Previously he had a cheapy scooter but I couldn't stand the noise it made rattling along and he couldn't stand the vibration! The maxi is smooth and silent.

seeker Wed 16-Nov-11 11:25:30

She needs a proper stunt scooter- that'll last her til she's 10 or 11 or older!

Argos have Razors for about 75 quid.

ihatethecold Wed 16-Nov-11 12:12:36

thanks for all your replies. i will do some research.

parkerrocks where did you get your maxi micro from?
is it big enough for your ds?

ihatethecold Wed 16-Nov-11 12:45:47

argos has loads. how do i pick one? arghh

sweetheart Wed 16-Nov-11 12:51:40

I wouldn't buy one from Argos to be honest - not if your spending that sort of money on them. I'd recommend going to either your local skate park and seeing what all the kids are on or going to a skate shop for some advice. Dd first wanted a JD bug and it has lasted really well - she now says the cool thing to have is a madd scooter.

TeeBee Wed 16-Nov-11 13:23:13

Slamm scooters are very popular round these parts - on the skate ramps too.

peanutsmuggler Wed 16-Nov-11 13:55:42 and have a good selection. I'd also avoid Argos, although Razor scooters are a decent make if they have those.

marge2 Wed 16-Nov-11 13:57:17

It would be a bit babyish for all the 8 year olds I know tbh.

Hulababy Wed 16-Nov-11 13:58:15

DD is 9y and still uses her normal two wheeled scooter a lot. as do lots of her friends - boys and girls. DD has a scooter from Decathlon and it is really good and up to the job.

DrGoogle Wed 16-Nov-11 14:00:10

There are some Jd Bug classic ones for £29.99 in Halfords at the moment, most seem to be collect from the store only but maybe worth a look.

haggisaggis Wed 16-Nov-11 14:02:16

I have got dd (9) a Powerwing scooter - she has been wanting one for ages and they seem to cost less than last year.
ds (12 in January) still messes around on a scooter doing stunts - so 9 definitely not too old.

Whorulestheroost Wed 16-Nov-11 14:06:47

My 8 year old has a maxi scooter and loves it. She scoots too and from school every day along with her 7 year old brother on his. I hope she will still have a good few years left on it before I flog it on eBay smile

SexyDomesticatedDab Wed 16-Nov-11 14:08:30

My DS2 is 14, 6' tall and still enjoys riding a scooter with his brothers.

Whorulestheroost Wed 16-Nov-11 14:08:38

Btw I know they are expensive but they are the best money we have spent. They are fab quality and really sturdy, we had a cheaper one before but it fell apart!

TeeBee Wed 16-Nov-11 14:29:43

I think regular scooters are babyish for an 8 year-old but stunt scooters are very much the 'in' thing at the mo. Warning: you will spend your weekends at skate parks for years to come.

ParkerRocks Wed 16-Nov-11 15:48:33

ihatethecold sorry I had to go out and have just seen your questions. DS is a fairly tall lad, the handle is no where near the highest it can go yet. Everyone we know has the maxi, friends with older taller kids too. We bought ours direct from micro scooters. Seemingly they are the same price wherever you look though. HTH

pramsgalore Wed 16-Nov-11 16:30:34

my 12 year old dd has a micro maxi scooter and she loves it, my friends ds has a stunt scooter but it cost her £150 shock

mrsmplus3 Wed 16-Nov-11 19:12:22

i personally dont think us adults should say whether a child is too young or old for a toy they really want.

what i mean is my 6 1/2 yr old son has just stopped loving thomas. when he got thomas stuff last year some people made comments to the effect of him being too old now for that stuff. what?? he was 5 and a half. and now he's over it. so im glad he enjoyed it while it lasted.

people push kids to grow up too fast now. let them like what they like. before you know it theyll be wanting lifts to the clubs!! aarrgghh!!

sorry ihatethecold, touched a nerve there. but back to your point, get a cheaper scooter then, but get her a scooter.

ihatethecold Wed 16-Nov-11 20:09:51

i dont mind spending up to about 70 .
the local skate/bike shop near here is very exp. the scooters there are 150 plus.
i dont want it to be so amazing that her db11, nicks it all the time!!

james03x Tue 02-Oct-12 09:43:00

These micro scooters can be ride by any kids who's above than 6 and under 12. These scooters are really a great fun for kids..

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