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What kitchen gadgets do you recommend as gifts

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yellowflowers Fri 11-Nov-11 22:48:05

I like to get dh kitchen gadgets - not electrical ones but things that help with cooking. Good ones in recent years have been:

Heavy ice cream scoop
Meat tenderiser
Recipe book holder
Sugar thermometer
Posh garlic crusher

Any ideas for others I could get him? What gadgets do you think are good?

Sleepwhenidie Fri 05-Jul-13 17:25:59

Love these chopping boards - easy to pop in the dishwasher too....

jane122 Fri 05-Jul-13 17:23:29

You can get some great Personalised Kitchen Gifts from this website and also some quirky Kitchen Gadgets which I love.

pollymere Fri 02-Dec-11 23:58:27

Pampered Chef do a fantastic Mandoline and Microplane Grater (which has a sliding finger guard included)

How about a veggie wedger or a mango or pineapple one?

I am also addicted to stoneware, and silicone spatula scraper thingys.

bridgeandbow Mon 14-Nov-11 11:48:44

No sure it had been mentioned but good grips make great veg peelers.

A little bit electronic, but I couldn't be without my meat thermometer(~£25 John Lewis). I was always paranoid - were the juices running clear etc. Worry free now!

Particularly good if doing lamb etc as you can get it to specific temp depending on how you like it - idiot proof!

This griddle is amazing - totally non stick (I just spray with 1cal spray) Fab for fat free pancakes fried eggs and the like - nothing sticks and no sides to get in your way. You can't seem to get these easily in the UK though, mine was bought for $40 in Macy's. Can you get someone to post??

BoffinMum Mon 14-Nov-11 11:46:20

Look in the front of the ElBulli bookbook "The Family Meal". Fab gadgets in there.

OxfordGold Mon 14-Nov-11 10:15:17

Microplane graters - fab blades but avoid plastic framed version, the plastic degrades and cracks, even when you lovingly hand wash only - happened a few times now <bitter>

Ricers make wonderful mash - not gluey at all.
Chopping boards - avoid the pretty ones, if your a serious cook go for the non slip, I got mine in homebase - pampered chef sells them to at 3 times the price, they are a joy to use - my Joseph Joseph chopping board never sees the light.

Knives are my desert island gadget - I even bring them on holiday but I wouldn't buy them as a gift, it's best to choose your own, the handle and blade size choosen will depend on your hand size and the way you like to work.

Dh often buys me pretty alessi gadgets for the kitchen.

What a great thread - I love a bit of kitchen porn.

silverten Mon 14-Nov-11 09:00:52

Re: knives as gifts and pennies in return...

No amount of tokens to avoid 'cutting' friendship will make the slightest bit of difference if, having bought a posh knife amind much fuss and fanfare about getting exactly the right one (despite being told that anything small for chopping veg would be appreciated, or if that was a bother, Lakeland tokens would be lovely instead), you then insist on the whole family gather round to witness the cermonial unwrapping of said knife (the one I've already seen because you checked (twice) before wrapping it up) and then spend the next three days asking for pennies in return because 'it's so important when you give knives you know, mustn't cut the friendship'.

TBH I prefer not to get presents if they come with strings.

Anyway. Sorry.

My current favourite kitchen things are a set of nice silicon spatulas (Lakeland, I love you) in pretty colours which cheer me up, they are fab: work well, go in the dishwasher, and because there are three of them I never run out of them when I need one.

Rillyrillygoodlooking Mon 14-Nov-11 04:39:25

Potato ricers are brilliant brilliant things, no gluey potatoes and smooth as.

Also, the posh microplane graters are good.

I agree with the person who said about the good pancake pan. Although now I have heard about the fancy pancake spatula I want one!

A really good pair of tongs. Good grips are well named.

DownyEmerald Sun 13-Nov-11 21:09:46

Best thing I ever bought DP who is the kitchen person was a posh corkscrew "for a man or woman" said the bloke in the kitchen shop, and handed me this. I think - it was about 10 years ago.

Dead clever, turn the handle til it's all the way in, topple the little woggle thing, keep turning and the cork comes out. No levers, no pulling, no effort. Fab.

Mominatrix Sun 13-Nov-11 21:05:13

Microplane graters - genius
mini chopper
mezzaluna - great for slicing pizzas as well as herbs and nuts
knife sharpener

Yorky Sun 13-Nov-11 19:48:23

Giving knives as a gift is 'unlucky' as it will cut your friendship - when our next door neighbour bought me my first penknife I had to give him a penny for each blade (posh penknife so cost me 2p!)

Must dash before DH catches me looking at kitchen 'porn'grin

Wrigglebum Sun 13-Nov-11 19:35:39

Another vote for a potato ricer, mandolin, quality pestle and mortar and pizza stone.

I love my pizza stone and the pizzas come out so nicely, especially if you roll out the dough on a bit of polenta, gives it a nice crust. Must get making some pizzas again, means I can enjoy all those forbidden cheeses and deli meats now I'm pregnant as blasting them on the top of a pizza makes them safe grin. I also like cracking an egg on the top of it half way through cooking [runs off to wipe saliva from chin].

<<has got a Lakeland order in her basket, oh dear this is going to be expensive>>

bumblingbovine Sun 13-Nov-11 18:15:08

Not exactly a gadget and I hesitate to suggest that you buy chopping boards for Christmas presents (not exactly romantic) but I absolutely love this. The chopping boards are stored neatly with little space talen up and they are lablled, meat, veg, cooked food, fish.

They are a bit small though and if your family is more than 4 people (we are only 3) then they may be too small. Some of the Amazon reviews say that they mark easily and they do but tbh they are stored away so that does not bother me at all.

LaCiccolina Sun 13-Nov-11 18:01:55

The Screwpull wine cork pullers are fabulous. Open any cork with your little finger. Does that count as a kitchen gadget or a necessity?

Otherwise I actually like tea towels from Pintuck
Lovely and bright and cheerful for a damn dull job.

issynoko Sun 13-Nov-11 16:59:24

Also - I use the tweezers for getting pin bones out of fish ALL THE TIME. Also love grinding up stuff in the pestle and mortar - and the children like to get in on that too. Fab for blending own curry spices etc. DD got a hot choc frother in her stocking last year. She loves that. And small DD is rarely without her chef hat. Even for eating cereal (she's 3).

Mashed spuds DH's favourite food. Am also swayed by the ricer. Any particular one better? So it doesn't make the potato all gluey?

JarethTheGoblinKing Sun 13-Nov-11 16:54:34

<derails thread>

issynoko Sun 13-Nov-11 16:54:18

My brother got DH a meat mincer last Christmas. Fab - he likes cooking roasts and cottages pies and loves using up leftovers so just the ticket. And cottage pie with the minced up leftovers...yum.

miserablemum Sun 13-Nov-11 16:51:07

grin grin grin

JarethTheGoblinKing Sun 13-Nov-11 16:50:33


Taffeta Sun 13-Nov-11 15:14:43

I'd quite like this

<not even pretending there's a connection to food or gadgetry>

JarethTheGoblinKing Sun 13-Nov-11 12:46:35

I wouldn't complain if someone got me this for Christmas

miserablemum Sun 13-Nov-11 12:27:16


miserablemum Sun 13-Nov-11 12:26:58

I'm really really tempted to get DH this for Xmas or his b'day

I know he would completely love it forever......but its £££ so not sure I can justify it.....

nocake Sun 13-Nov-11 11:23:00

And the person asking about coffee grinders... the best ones are burr grinders, rather than ones with a chopping blade. You should also keep your coffee grinder for coffee as spices and garlic will leave flavours behind that will taint your coffee.

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