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Girls Stocking Fillers

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babysbreath Sat 05-Nov-11 21:09:07

There is a thread on here for boys stocking fillers, but I would like to know what you are doing for your daughter(s).

Letchlady Sat 05-Nov-11 21:28:44

DDs include:
Little card storage boxes
Nail polishes
Yo yo
French book
Drinking glass filled with sweets
Selection box
Chewing gum
New bag
Horrible Histories books
Convertible tights for ballet

LordOfTheFlies Sat 05-Nov-11 21:49:42

My DD is 9yo. Her stocking includes

Fairy annual (based on the books)
Lots of charms for her charm bracelet
Soap&Glory shower/bath gel
Three coloured belts
A 3D dolphin bookmark
Hawkins Bazaar butterfly to decorate
Some dolls house coke and wine bottles for her Sylvanian Family
Lindt chocolate bears
Selection box

twolittledarlings Sat 05-Nov-11 22:59:43

Bookmarks from John Lewis pack of 3 hand signals
Headbands / hairbands
Hello Kitty Pritt
rubbers / pens / sharpeners - Wilko
Mini sellotapes (asked for)
Cupcake lipbalms
Mini calculators
Gel Pens
Light pens
automatic pencil sharpeners
patterned plasters
Little book pads
Kimmidoll nail files
Kimmidoll purses
Metal Bookholders (from ebay bookshop)
Moshi Monsters trading cards
Bath fizzes / bombs
mini torch
CDs - taylor swift x 2, ultimate pop party

so far

both of my dd are 8 and 10 at xmas

crazynanna Sat 05-Nov-11 23:07:35

Got this lovely cheap link from a fellow Mnetter smile

twolittledarlings Sat 05-Nov-11 23:15:26

That link was from me. Their kimmidoll clearance range started from £1 so picked up loads of stuff from picture frames, canvas, purses, cosmetic bags, pencil cases, gorgeous cups etc.

crazynanna Sat 05-Nov-11 23:17:53

You're a star twolittledarlings smile
i did want to name you,but couldn't find the sodding link in mt TIO hmm

ItsonlymeMrsDB Sat 05-Nov-11 23:18:07

M & S do lovely little bath 'sherbets' in a tube.

I have only posted this as a note to self, really ! blush

And I am sure I will be peeking back to nick get some ideas !

crazynanna Sat 05-Nov-11 23:18:20

my TIO <pished again>

yawningmonster Sun 06-Nov-11 08:00:02

dd is only 2.5 but is getting
mini choc santa
chunky wooden bead bracelet
mini bubbles
littlest mermaid dvd
bath crayons

cjbartlett Sun 06-Nov-11 08:05:02

Dd (5)
Hello kitty purse with chocolate coins in it
Gruffalo mouse soft toy from nickelbabe books grin
mini Disney princess books
Peppa pig figures
Tub of play doh
Hello kitty cheapy necklace and bracelet

MrsUnassumingTroll Sun 06-Nov-11 08:30:14

We are very lucky to have a 'Tiger' shop locally. Www.tiger

They sell loads for £1 - £3 each so have so far got the following for 3yo DD:

Animal watch
Hair clips
Hair bands
Felt tip pens

I think this one shop will sort her stocking completely! Going back for more soon...

tassisssss Sun 06-Nov-11 09:38:19

My fav girl stocking filler this year is the Cath kidston tape measure. I actually want it for me.

We often get them torches. Torches get lost in this house! And we get new bath crayons every year (and they last until about the summer when I get fed up of them!).

Last year dd2 (2 going on 4 at the time) got wooden play eggs from John Lewis and ELC money for the till - big hits!

I often get lego figures or duplo ones from ebay - Dora, toy story etc. This year I have some of those lego packs that were free with the Daily Record.

I got some tat in the half price sainsbos sale - one of those shells that fizzes into a mermaid and some moshi monster "figures".

Then there's all the practical bits like new felt pens, notebooks, pants, toothbrushes. And some novelty sweets.

We also have to put a "snugglie" (i.e. soft toy) in the top (a tradition I will come to regret!!) and this year my girls are getting a smurf and cuddly buzz lightyear. Ds wants a Perry the Platypus.

(He's also getting tech decks which I think could be good for older girls too!).

babysbreath Sun 06-Nov-11 09:55:26

Thanks some good ideas plus the link.

TheRealMrsHannigan Mon 07-Nov-11 09:57:22

DD is 3, here stocking fillers are:

Tube of My little pony friendship is magic mini figures
My little pony socks
Disney princess hair slides & bobbles.
Puppy in my pocket figures (the ones that come in individual pouches)
Crayola chubby crayons
Colouring book
Smurfs DVD
A rapunzel flannel (one you put in water so it expands)
Net of chocolate coins

Note2Self Mon 07-Nov-11 14:49:59

DD is 3. I try to go easy on the overly girly pink shit, although there is a little bit of that!

Whoopee cushion (she has her older brother's sense of toilet humour!)
Everything's Rosie mini rag doll
Tinkerbell mini figure
Lego mini figure
Minnie Mouse Christmas figurine
Small Christmas hedgehog soft toy
Mini torch
Mini snow globe
Tub of playdough
Disney Tangled Flannel
Dora the Explorer Bubble bath
Set of Bob the Builder mini books
Set of Toy Story mini books
Hello Kitty hair bands/clips set
Christmas stationary set
Christmas socks
Christmas stickers
She'll also have chocolate coins, a satsuma and a candy cane for decoration
(she doesn't eat them!) and probably a few bits of tat from the pund shop that I'll get nearer the time grin

cafetaster Mon 24-Sep-12 10:01:53

Message deleted by Mumsnet for breaking our Talk Guidelines. Replies may also be deleted.

iloveholidays Mon 24-Sep-12 13:15:44

This thread is great - thanks to OP!!

I've not got very far yet, but have bought/plans for....

DD1 is 3.9 & DD2 1.9

My Little Pony figures (£3 on the entertainer)
Stationery - probably hello kitty stuff, pens, notepad, stickers etc
Magnets - haven't got enough for all the pictures on the fridge!!
Play Doh
Hair clips/bands
Yo Yo
Chunky bracelets
Minnie mouse giant playing cards
Little Lego friends set

Anything else I see that will be suitable

I will be keeping an eye on this thread for ideas though...

mamababa Mon 24-Sep-12 13:22:03

I have two DS but have just been in The Entertainer you store in Meadowhall and they had some good bargains
Zhu zhu fun house thing £10 down from £30, some zhu zhu hamsters in car for £8.
Minnie mouse and peppa backpacks £5

Various sticker sets etc cheap too!!!

Not sure if that's any use presume there are these stores nationwide!

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