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What the hell do I buy DH?

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BlondeBatgirl Tue 25-Oct-11 21:39:09

Hes not got any hobby's.
He doesnt drink.
Sentimental things are compleatly wasted on him. (He doesnt see the point.)
I am compleatly stuck!
Only needs to be worth £50 or so. (This is also a problem as all he wants is bloody expensive stuff!) confused
......And yes, if you are wondering, he is a miserable old boot! wink

reckoner Tue 25-Oct-11 21:44:29

A watch
DVD box set
A nice jumper

foolserrand Tue 25-Oct-11 21:47:35

Just posted this on another thread about this exact thing. A half day at spy academy is about £50. All very manly and boys toys.

BlondeBatgirl Tue 25-Oct-11 21:49:59

He's got a watch. (one of those things he likes to buy himself!)
Would NOT wear a jumper!
Doesn't wear aftershave! (We've got a nice collection in the bathroom from previous christmas's)
Maybe some DVDs! hmm

BlondeBatgirl Tue 25-Oct-11 21:51:09

Oooo thats interesting foolserrand! Will have a good look at that!!

WitchesAreComing Tue 25-Oct-11 22:07:21

This is a bit desperate but DH loves all things apple and cinnamon so I'm getting some gourmet popcorn

My DH doesn't drink or go out either. He has his eye on a new PC game but it isn't out until after the New Year.

Perhaps he might appreciate some nice new item of clothing for you to wear in the privacy of your own home, BB? wink

BlondeBatgirl Tue 25-Oct-11 22:51:34

Witchesarecoming I think thats more up his street wink Maybe id be more successful in ann summers!

myron Tue 25-Oct-11 22:59:43

Nice cufflinks (for work)
Photobook of DC
Indoor skydiving voucher
Hush PJ bottoms
Decent fountain pen

BlondeBatgirl Tue 25-Oct-11 23:09:06

Doesnt wear cufflinks!
Photos come under sentimental! (complete waste of time)
Doesnt wear pjs!
Doesnt write unless essential!
Whats indoor skydiving??

i dont mean to have a answer to everything its just soooo bloody difficult! confused

AheadlesswomancalledHorse Tue 25-Oct-11 23:11:56

Magazine subscription?
A box of really posh socks and a little note saying 'If you wanted something better, you should be easier to buy for' grin

BlondeBatgirl Tue 25-Oct-11 23:17:24

Doesn't read magazines!
Love the posh socks idea! May have to put that at the top of the list grin, at least he'd use them!!!

Im almost embarrassed! He sounds like a right boring old bugger! blush

AheadlesswomancalledHorse Tue 25-Oct-11 23:23:54

Hmmm, you could always just get him amazon/other retailers that sell everything vouchers?
My BIL gets £25 of amazon vouchers every birthday/christmas as he doesn't have any hobbies cheap enough to buy him 'stuff' for!

BlondeBatgirl Tue 25-Oct-11 23:30:30

I thought about vouchers but it just doesnt seem very presenty. (not sure if thats a word!)
But if I cant think of anything else then I suppose thats what it will be. Or boring old t-shirts! grin

ThePumpkinKing Wed 26-Oct-11 06:58:34

Crikey, I'm wondering now whether my Grumpy Old Man is leading a secret double life as your OH grin.

I've decided on a USB turntable, as he has a large vinyl collection waiting to be converted to something less cumbersome, and some car stuff.

If all else fails, you could try ''.

Rooble Wed 26-Oct-11 07:10:42

I entered my DH into a ballot for some tickets for a 1-day international at Lord's (got a ticket for him and his brother so it was £100, but there are cheaper ones/you could team up with someone else's dear spouse?).
For some reason they only draw the ballot after Christmas so I had to say "this is potentially your present" - but when July came he really enjoyed the day.

MamaPizza Wed 26-Oct-11 07:27:39

Blondebatgirl and The pumpkinking, are we all married to the same guy? grin

I have the same dilemma, mine doesn't like anything, doesn't do anything and doesn't need anything.

If I was crapping money he'd love a new lens for his SLR but at starting prices of £400 shock he has no chance.

ThePumpkinKing Wed 26-Oct-11 07:38:40

Ah yes, MamaPizza, the camera. Apparently a macro lens would be good - the prices are shock.

MamaPizza Wed 26-Oct-11 07:55:19

He has a macro lens, but he wants one that can zoom God knows how far. Ah well, there is still hope of winning the lottery. Or maybe I can click my heels three times?

travailtotravel Wed 26-Oct-11 08:03:54

Oh god, I have this with DH who swears he is not difficult to buy for but is. Pens - only wants Mont Blanc. Kindle, bought it myself. Clothes aren't presents, apparently. Books, I'd buy that myself. I am sooo tempted to not get him anything next time he says "I don't really want anything" ...

However, "experiences" are our friend .... I've done driving and a segway ride. The best thing was Vinopolis in London (sorry not sure where you are, we went for the day and did the wine tasting thing).

The other thing is to go somewhere for the weekend as a total surprise - spend the money on dinner or somewhere to stay? - we went to Oxford. He had no idea, and I had planned a few things to do with some clues through the day. Eg we did a tour of the Bod, and I gave him a library book I was reading ... went round a college, had a posh lunch and did a few other bits.

Was a bit of work but fun for both of us in the end.

unfitmummy Wed 26-Oct-11 09:32:41

my dh sounds just like yours! his only hobby is photography, but i'm not allowed to buy any of those bits for him. one of the best gifts i ever gave him was a photography day at the local hawk conservancy, and another one was that he was allowed to go off for the day taking photo's without us!! he also enjoyed a winter driving day (ice driving etc) at thruxton that i gave him and a 4x4 driving day.

bagelmonkey Wed 26-Oct-11 09:38:29


LydiaWickham Wed 26-Oct-11 10:03:04

Why not do a selection of small things as a big Christmas stocking or a big box with them all in individually wrapped?

Does he like cheese? Could you get a nice cheese board and knife set and then a selection of yummy cheeses in the fridge?

What's his favourate sweets? I reckon £40 worth of e.g. jelly beans in a big jar (spending your extra £10 on the jar) would look very impressive.

Other ideas, a new wallet - John Lewis have this one reduced to £50, and a lot of others around the £40 mark.

A new washbag?

Get onto the Oxfam site and buy him a goat.

BlondeBatgirl Wed 26-Oct-11 13:13:22

A goat!!!(That would really piss him off! grin ) And a whacking great big bar of chocolate!!!
That is the best I can come up with!!

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