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selfridges christmas grotto

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bambootoo Tue 25-Oct-11 09:27:52

does anyone know when selfridges christmas grotto tickets will go on sale? I completely missed out for the harrods one because their system went down - just like last year sad I would really like a christmassy ( and not as expensive as some) day out in london with ds

ThePumpkinKing Tue 25-Oct-11 09:59:33

THey are already on sale I think.

HappyAsIAm Tue 25-Oct-11 15:00:24

Thanks for the reminder about this - I have just booked. lots of Monday to friday availability still, but nothing on weekend days in December. There is availability for the last weekend of November though.

bambootoo Tue 25-Oct-11 17:09:46

Great, thanks !

CrossEyed Tue 25-Oct-11 18:49:52

They just started selling. Were going so fast, I was on the phone trying to get hold of my husband for his leave dates while the slots disappeared before my eyes...

LondonMumsie Tue 25-Oct-11 19:27:55

Bambootoo - how does the Harrods system work now? I looked at it and was just bamboozled! It seemed I had to be a Harrods member or something? Have gone for Selfridges.

bambootoo Wed 26-Oct-11 07:53:11

LondonMumsie, I'm not entirely sure as my friend was booking for us, but I think she had to get a Harrods loyalty card of some sort and use that. The website opens at midnight to book online and they are pretty much gone by the morning for the best times. Because its so busy the website crashed straightaway like last year and by the time she had contacted customer services over the next few days they were all gone. I think that for priority customers the tickets are available in August and then just for general people with the loyalty card its end of September - but I suppose they dont make a big deal out of if given the demand.

Got my Selfridges tickets though - yay smile

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