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christmas gifts, I'm looking for inspiration please.

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SixStringWidow Mon 24-Oct-11 15:51:47

Please tell me what you've bought, or are considering buying for your family and friends.

Perhaps others will be inspired by your gifts.

So far I have the following, (I've only just started thinking about it, can you tell?)

dad - latest martina cole novel
brother 1 - Ricky Gervais show (audio)

Anyone else is welcome to post their lists on here.

Sanesometimes1 Mon 24-Oct-11 16:45:07

bought dd a "golden snitch" ( harry potter) necklace
a bottle of be delicious perfume also for dd
2 sims games also for dd

have got a "list" of other things she would like, and am working though to see what I can get cheaper online.

Have no idea at all for dh, or mil/fil

did my sister and neice a bag of "stuff" last year,they were thrilled, so might do the same again.

Am still tring to kid myself that I have loads of time though !!!!

attheendoftheday Mon 24-Oct-11 17:22:35

So far I have:

DD (6 months) - ball pool, some Ikea wooden toys

DP - Sensor touch gloves, DVDs of Torchwood, this t-shirt (this will be from DD).

DM - I'm making a hamper of local food, mug of DD's footprint (from DD)

DMil - Mug of DD's footprint and photo calender of DD and DN (from DD), not sure what else

DB - This graphic novel, probably a DVD too

DBil - Something from his Amazon wishlist

DSil - Something from her Amazon wishlist

DN (16 months) - A Gruffalo and some megablocks

DDog - Polar bear toy and a big bone

3 friend's kids will be getting a lego torch, a police car and this book.

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