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ThePumpkinKing Mon 24-Oct-11 14:29:14

Right, I seem to be on a mission to make Christmas difficult for myself this year!

Following on from the quest for discontinued tree lights, I've decided that my tree won't be complete without artfully applied engelshaar. I've seen it on the German Amazon site, but apparently marketplace sellers won't ship to the UK, and my German can't cope with the intricacies of it grin.

To get it by mail order here, it seems to cost abour £25 for a tiny amount - has anyone seen it cheaper anywhere? I've tried garden centres etc. but they just look at me blankly...

Any ideas?

BedatHogwarts Mon 24-Oct-11 14:35:35

Are you talking about Angels Hair? The tiny wafty strips of loose tinselly stuff that you throw over the tree?

If so, I have bought it in England, a few years ago. It was a clear iridescent and caught the light really well. Try looking anywhere that sells Christmas decorations - garden centres, pound shops, specialist Christmas shops, ebay etc.

angelpantser Mon 24-Oct-11 14:40:50

This from ebay? They have listings for other colours too.

ThePumpkinKing Mon 24-Oct-11 18:56:10

I think that's it angelpantser!

I did google it - every combination of 'angel-hair', 'flower-hair' and 'copper angel hair for Christmas tree' you can think of blush.

I kept getting links to the old white fiberglass stuff that sounds mildly dangerous - it did look cool though!

At this rate our tree will be totally hidden under shiney, glittery stuff, perhaps I should cut out the middleman and just stick the stuff to the wall grin.

Thank you!

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