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Jojo Maman Bebe - Honeybake Cooker

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ineedsomepeaceandquiet Mon 24-Oct-11 06:52:00

Morning! I am thinking about buying this for my DS (3) as he loves to pretend to cook like mummy. Has anyone got this and would you recommend it? We don't have lots of space so want something not to big. Also want a wooden kitchen so it lots like classy crap covering the bedroom floor rather than more plastic tat. grin

HappyAsIAm Mon 24-Oct-11 13:12:02

We don't have that one, but for the Christmas when DS was 2, I bought a wooden kitchen for him. I bought separates from (I think) the wooden toy company, or wooden toys online, or something like that. I think they were £60/65 each, made by Santoys. I bought the washing machine, sink unit and cooker. But, given how he has played with it all, I really only needed to buy the sink and the cooker. The washing machine hasn't had anywhere near enough play.

DS is nearly 4, and he plays with this every day. I think he will play with it for a long time yet. And its had a bit of a bashing, because so many children have played with it, its been outside in summer etc. but its still looking as good as new. I would 100% recomend the Santoys separates. There is loads of storage in both too, so we have wooden fruit & veg, a pizza, birthday cake, kettle, taster, mixer etc all inside and out of the way. And they are still nowehere near full.

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