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Hungrydragon Sun 23-Oct-11 14:28:23

Been waiting for them to price match Argos (who are out of stock almost everywhere) and they have done today smile

Free delivery too unlike Argos.

lechillycornsilk Sun 23-Oct-11 14:37:06

excellent smile

ASuitableGirl Sun 23-Oct-11 14:38:29

Ooh thank you <heads to Amazon quickly>

AlfalfaMum Sun 23-Oct-11 14:42:49

Ah brill, thanks smile

TheMonster Sun 23-Oct-11 14:44:25

great. Pay day Wednesday - I hope they still have them in stock!

Hungrydragon Sun 23-Oct-11 15:00:50

hope so BOE, the Argos offer is on all this week too so I hope Amazon will try & maintain to price match.

I'm so glad Amazon finally reduced, I was wibbling I might have to crack and pay full price shock

ihatethecold Sun 23-Oct-11 15:25:55

quick question, the calender has all the lego in it already?
i dont have to fill it with lego myself do i?

ASuitableGirl Sun 23-Oct-11 15:31:22

It has lego with it. If it's like the one we had a few years ago the lego will be in little plastic bags but in the right boxes IYSWIM.

Hungrydragon Sun 23-Oct-11 15:34:17

each window has a little lego model or person to assemble and you set the scene in the run up to Christmas day. Truthfully, they are quite good value as they get some nice bits in it. The pictures on amazon show some of the content.

ChooChooWowWow Sun 23-Oct-11 15:47:39

Got one. Thanks Hungrydragon. Lego mad DS has wanted one for years but I always thought they were overpriced. He will be ecstatic this year.

ihatethecold Sun 23-Oct-11 15:51:31

Brill, just ordered onewink

TheMonster Sun 23-Oct-11 16:00:57

Argh I have tried to reserve on at Argos - it said to collect Weds - Sat (ideal because payday is Weds) but it won't let me. Sob.

sleepevader Sun 23-Oct-11 18:44:04

I ordered one this morning and will be returning the one ordered from John Lewis as they refused to price match.

curlycat Sun 23-Oct-11 19:47:23

I was in Smyths today and they have the lego city one for £13.49 as well. I think the star wars one was £19.99 (don't quote me i'm not 100% sure!!)

strawberryblondebint Sun 23-Oct-11 19:48:26

I can only see it on amazon at 18.49

Wigeon Sun 23-Oct-11 19:49:21

Seems to be £18.49 now? here

curlycat Sun 23-Oct-11 20:00:16

wigeon that's the one Smyths had today for £13.49smile

curlycat Sun 23-Oct-11 20:01:16

the police one is £13.99 on amazon

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