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Saving for Christmas

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LordOfTheFlies Fri 21-Oct-11 23:12:03

My DH extracts the Michael from me all year re my love for Christmas.
But I like to be organised, I love the idea of Christmas Shopping, but the reality is grim.

I save my Sainsbo Nectar Points (using the double points coupons they give out) and I've got about £95 at the moment, which will cover a big Christmas shop.
And I've got a tin of £2 coins that I've saved all year.
Plan is to divide between the DCs.They each buy a decoration for 2011, a present for either DH or me (we'll do a helpful list) and they keep the rest on condition they spend it on stuff just frivolity.

So it hasn't really cost me anything. I have to buy supermarket food/petrol.And I save £2 as song as I get them.

LordOfTheFlies Fri 21-Oct-11 23:13:03

song -soon. Pah!

2kidsintow Sun 23-Oct-11 19:28:55

My friend also saves her £2 coins. I think I'm going to start doing this!

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