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help with presents for 2 boys

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lilyj2010 Fri 21-Oct-11 20:38:58

ok so i decided that before argos 3 for 2 over i would sort 2 boys. one will be 2 and half and the other will be 11 months. hoping to spend about 20 on each. the eldest is into peppa pig, fireman sam and bob the builder but has most of the toys available. the other is crawlin atm and will be 1 in january. any ideas?? please help im stumped. my dd is 14 months and girly lol

iloveblue Fri 21-Oct-11 21:48:25

Cant go wrong with Duplo for the 2 year old
and Aquadoodle/Megablocks for the almost 1 year old


tigerlillyd02 Fri 21-Oct-11 22:07:53

I would suggest happyland stuff for them both. They're mainly ELC but I think Argos are doing a few items from the range this year. Recently bought my boy some (nearly 2) and he's spent hours and hours playing with it already so I got him more for christmas. I think the fisher price little people items are similar. Maybe some cars etc... you can get some toddler type cars which have bigger wheels and are chunky. I'd imagine most boys would like them.

As stated previously, any drawing / craft items and blocks seem to go down well. Asda have the 2 for £20 offer on which includes megablocks and a good range of peppa pig. There's a fabulous vtech rocket in there - a shape sorter type of one with lots of flashing lights etc which would be ideal for the 1 yr old.

I could go on... but hope that helps...

lilyj2010 Fri 21-Oct-11 23:17:46

sorted now, ordered a my pal dinosaur off asda for 1 yr old and a 62 piece tool kit for almost 3 yo. i have a bath toy to go along with 1 yo and gruffalo for almost 3. Least thats 2 i can tick off lol. thanks for the ideas, i have a few others who these presents would be great for.

lilyj2010 Fri 21-Oct-11 23:19:57

U all seem to know ur toys, any ideas for my dd, she will be 17 months xmas eve and i have run out of ideas. she is quite advanced (almost 15 months), she can talk quite a bit and steady on feet. thanks. have 2 happyland sets, books and a cheap kitchen (13.99) from argos. thanks

Fresh01 Sun 23-Oct-11 21:21:06

lilyj2010, what about a doll and a basic pram?

For boys or girls, Puzzles, the wooden pieces you put back in the board type or the 2/3/5 piece ones?

The wooden food for the kitchen that has the velco to hold the 2 parts together that they can "cut" with the wooden knife?

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