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Adult christmas stocking ideas

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MilkNoSugarPlease Thu 20-Oct-11 12:01:51

Want to do one for mum and one for dad!


Please grin


Yama Thu 20-Oct-11 12:06:36

So, not that kind of adult then? wink

MilkNoSugarPlease Thu 20-Oct-11 12:09:39

Good lord no!! <needs brain bleach grin>

ENormaSnob Thu 20-Oct-11 12:20:11

I do one for dh every year.

I put things like underwear, socks, a book, small box of maltesers or similar, a minature alcohol, pack of nuts, an orange, a small puzzle, some gloves and some small bits to do with his hobby (fishing).

Have we had a wrapping thread yet? wink

Yama Thu 20-Oct-11 12:20:51

It it were my parents I'd go for sample size posh cosmetics/creams stuff for my Mum. Maybe her favourite chocolate.

For my Dad - miniature whiskeys, chocolate, chutneys + oatcakes. That sort of thing.

Mum likes make up, Dad like food.

girlywhirly Thu 20-Oct-11 12:46:48

One year I bought my mum a new handbag and filled it with lots of bits, you could do similar but without the bag. I included:
pretty pen
notebook/shopping list book
handbag pack pretty tissues
compact mirror
key ring
face moisturiser

You could include a reuseable shopping bag that rolls up small, make-up bag, mini perfume, anything that she would find useful and enjoy.

With dads and other family males, I usually get things to do with their interests and hobbies, usually anything to do with sport, wine/beer/whisky, gadgets, tools, music, books and so on.

I'm struggling with DH stocking at the moment, it usually comes together by the end of Nov. So far, I have

Oz Clarkes pocket wine book
Divine fairtrade choc coins
Holland and Barrett yogurt coated nuts

Not much help!

spendthrift Thu 20-Oct-11 13:49:33

we always get/put at least one magazine in - takes up lots of space, follows an interest, and if you choose a couple of general interest ones as well people can read out choice bits to diminish tension - "did you know that the elvis found on moon rumour was first started in 19XX" etc at the point when aged rellies are wittering with intent.

Gardening - seeds, trowel/fork;
pretty fan that can be stuffed in handbag
bathroom stuff:soap, flannels,
notecards/set of postcards to send friends,
craft/diy stuff,
fridge magnets,
Food:tangerine/orange at bottom, sugar mice, chocolate coins and candy walking sticks and old fashioned sweeties from their youth -sherbert lemons cough candy twist, pear drops, extra strong mints, lovely pot of jam/marmelade/chutney (home made wonderful) and patum peperium
little things from past times' sales...,
homemade pomander, lavender bag or pot pourri, cedar wood balls,
pens, paper clips (bright colours) drawing pins, yellow stickies/note pad for by phone
a christmas deco each to remind them of this christmas next year
photo of your lovely family in a frame (could be fridge magnet)
agree wine - lovely bottle surrounded by wine soc mag+Oz Clarke/Hugh JOhnson would go down v well with my OH for example


I usually do one for dh to include things like:

- mini boxes of Dorset cereals
- Guinness chocolate
- Mini bottle of brandy
- Posh chutney
- Posh pickled onions
- A pork pie
- A cheese
- thermal socks and/or running socks
- running magazine or something small and running-related like a new water bottle or energy sweets or something
- smellies

LordOfTheFlies Fri 21-Oct-11 23:19:00

Very unfestive but quite sensible IMO. - I've bought 2 packs of Wintertracks (they go over your shoes and they've got springs/spikes to stop you slipping on ice)

I got 2 pairs womens from QVC
2 pairs mens from Costco.

I will keep a pair of each for DH and I and send other 2 to parents.

What about a really good wind up torch. Something they might not have bought themselves

Smoke alarm/ CO detector ( I know, not festive but thoughtful) grin

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