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Soft, twinkly, white Christmas tree lights?

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WhatWouldLeoDo Wed 19-Oct-11 15:25:14

I really need some new Christmas tree lights this year. For the last couple of years I've only remembered this on the Saturday evening I pull out all the stuff to decorate the tree.

The ones we have are a really bright white and they flash which really annoys me. I'd really like some soft twinkly white lights but I'm bamboozled by the choice. Are there any LED lights out there like this or should I go for the old style fairy lights? And how many lights do you need for a 5-6ft tree?

If anyone can point me in the right direction of some lights that fit the bill I'd be very grateful (especially if they don't break the bank --so I can buy more lovely christmas decorations--).


DesperatelySeekingPomBears Wed 19-Oct-11 15:44:01

I believe old style fairy lights will be more twinkly and soft, as LEDs are quite bright and piercing. We got some from B&Q last year with various speed settings, one of which is a nice, slow, pretty twinkle.

As for how many, I read you should average roughly 100 lights for every foot of tree. However we have a 7 ft tree and used 400 lights and it looked just fine.

girlywhirly Wed 19-Oct-11 15:44:45

I have often thought about this, I just have some cheap old fashioned static white lights from Argos. I like the idea of soft white LEDS, but only want static and don't want to pay for multi-functions that I know I won't use, except on static.

B & Q had something last year boxed, but couldn't see that type working on their display. I might have been tempted otherwise. I can see me touring all the garden centres and stores again this year looking for the right product. Am I right in thinking you would like soft white lights that 'glow' on and off, rather than flickering really fast?

WhatWouldLeoDo Wed 19-Oct-11 16:28:24

That's right girlywhirly - more of a glow on and off. The Christmas tree is usually to my immediate left and the flashing on and off is really distracting when watching tv or anything.

I'll have a look at fairy lights in B&Q DesperatelySeekingPomBears - I hadn't thought of there. At a 100 lights per foot I definitely don't want any more flashing LED lights!

WitchesBrewIsMyFriend Wed 19-Oct-11 16:34:02

I bought some white pearl lights from Asda, they do them every year and they are not expensive. Check out ASDA after Halloween. Mine have lasted a few years so far only had to change 1 bulb.

WhatWouldLeoDo Wed 19-Oct-11 19:50:48

I'll have a look in Asda too thanks, one has just opened near here.

Any other suggestions out there?

Haribojoe Wed 19-Oct-11 21:09:14

I've got soft white LED lights from Homebase, they are multi function and amongst the settings there is twinkle and a slow fade.

I've got a 7 foot tree and two of the large sets (can't remember how many lights) give good coverage.


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