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ideas for 8 yr old dd

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frazzled74 Tue 18-Oct-11 21:19:06

she likes fashion, animals,drawing and reading,anything crafty, dancing and still plays with dolls (but has enough) can think of stocking fillers but really need some main £20-£50 gift ideas for her main present from father christmas and ideas for aunts and grandparents to buy her!

maxcliffordszombielovechild Tue 18-Oct-11 21:24:30

my DD8 nearly 9 wants a microscope and lego also books, for her main prezzie she wants but isn't getting a lap top. She had a hello kitty MP3 player last year and loves it especially when we walk the dog and disney DVDs are BOGOF at the moment.

twolittledarlings Wed 19-Oct-11 13:35:55

My daughter will be 8 at Christmas and she asked for a memo board, clock, lamp, mirror, CD storage box and a laptop.

She has so many toys already and this year wants things for her room as I have recently bought her a large writing desk.

So far I have got her 3 different boxes of friendship bracelets sets, Mystyle deluxe charm bracelet kit, French knitter, Card Caddy from Argos filled with crafty things she love crafty making things), ATM money box, 3 different Klutz Thumb books, Mystyle Girly Cards Kit, Just into Moshi at the moment so have got her an early membership present, also go her the Series 1 and 2 collectible toys (share with her sister who will be 10 at Xmas too), a Luvli talking cuddly (Moshi), the new electronic dictionary bookmark by IF, Lego building book, Set of winnie witches book and set of naughty sister books from Book People.

Her sister has a similar list. Also got them both the Harry Potter Castle and the Harry Potter Knightbus, Moshi Top trumps, and Moshling book to share. (quite into that at the moment).

Will also get them a laptop to share as they use that quite a lot and keeps nicking mine.

All this is not just for Xmas but for their birthdays too on the 19th and 24th.

If your daughter likes crafty things like mine, last year, I got them Paperoni Kits, Bendaroo kits, Aquabead kits, loads of Lego set - recommend the Creator houses sets as they are 3 in 1 kit so you can build 3 types of houses in each kit, also got the 4 sets of Kinex fairground kits. They were fun to do but once done is now just being displayed. Both their main presents were well used. She had the Mama and Papa Excel Pram with all the bits. Still loves it and plays with it a lot. The older one (was 9) asked for Zhu Zhu pets and went overboard getting over 12 sets, 17 Zhu Zhu etc but as we have the room, its always out and played with loads especially when their friends come round. Mostly got these deals from 3 for 2 deals etc.

Can recommend Klutz for crafty things. Their books are really good.

twolittledarlings Wed 19-Oct-11 13:37:26

Forgot to add I already got her the clock, lamp and mirror as these I consider are not really presents but essentials.

Tillyscoutsmum Wed 19-Oct-11 13:39:01

We got keepsake boxes last year and both girls (7 and 4 at the time) absolutely loved them and have played with them loads. I think they will be getting a jewellery box this year to keep all their tat jewellery in.

We got them from here and would really recommend them.

twolittledarlings Wed 19-Oct-11 13:43:04

Just noticed as your daughter likes fashion, Klutz has a few books called Paper fashion. Got a few of these for them last year and they had a lovely day making dresses to hang on little hangers supplied with the kits.

Tillyscoutsmum Wed 19-Oct-11 13:51:38

Other things on the 8 year old's list are

Build a Bear and outfits
Barbie hair salon thing
Hello Kitty Cool Cardz and HK Magazine maker
A huggle buddy (to take on sleepovers, holidays etc hmm)
A charmies bracelet maker
Jewellery and make up from Claire's Accessories
Design a Friend stuff
Harumika stuff

frazzled74 Wed 19-Oct-11 19:52:37

thanks lots of ideas, harumika and huggle buddy will be good and i will look into the other suggestions.

Marne Thu 20-Oct-11 13:45:48

I'm struggling with dd1 (almost 8)

Two darlings you have bought alot grin, i like the Klutz sets (shame dd1 is a tom boy).

Dd1 wants a tablet (not sure if she's getting one though, depends on the price), have bought her a large moshi monster plush (from Tesco's) and she's got her eye on the 'happy feet' build a bear which will be out on November so will probably get her one and the bits to go with it, have also got her a clock for her room and some Moshi Monster PJ's. Oh and have pre ordered the Moshi Monster DS game (for both dd's to share) but now our DS has died so will need to replace that sad.

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